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Monday Mayhem – Jet plane edition

Posted on Jun 18, 2012 by Margaret Ethridge   5 Comments | Posted in Blog

I’m off to Dallas on business today. Just a quick trip there and back in one day. I’ll be traveling more for my day job in the coming months, so I’m trying to adjust to the idea. People may not know this about me, but I’m actually a bit of a hermit. I like being [Read more…]

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Monday Mayhem – Like buttah!

Posted on Jun 11, 2012 by Margaret Ethridge   3 Comments | Posted in Blog

Insanely busy and without a decent post. I’ll give you some topics. Talk amongst yourselves… Colored jeans: Hip, trendy and super-cool, or an invitation for others to mock your coral-clad tuchas? Smutty books: Do people seriously expect us to believe they’ve never read one before? St. Elmo’s Fire: Which character are you? Doughnuts: Krispy Kreme [Read more…]


Monday Mayhem – New release, fabulous weekend, & my bed

Posted on Jun 4, 2012 by Margaret Ethridge   6 Comments | Posted in Blog

Soooooo much going on today. Are you ready for this? Inamorata is now available in all ebook formats! Run, run read! As I was scurrying about the interwebs this morning (posting links, updating this site, etc…) it suddenly struck me. Inamorata is my fifth…FIFTH…full-length novel released in just eighteen months. The third in 2012. No [Read more…]

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