Monday Mayhem – Auld Lang Syne edition

Hard to believe that another year has passed, but here we are, two days from 2014. It seems trite to say it flew by, but in my case, a good chunk of it did. I spent a good portion of 2013 in airports and hotels. The new and increasing duties of the day job really cut into my energy and creativity this year, but I’ve come to terms with that. I may not write as much as quickly as I did a couple of years ago, but I like to think my writing has grown and improved.

2013 has been a year of change, growth and evolution in personal and professional lives, and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for hanging in there with me. I would never have had the chutzpah to chase this dream without your encouragement, and I wouldn’t have the strength to endure those ups and downs without your continued support.

You are made of awesome.

So here are my final five for 2013. Cheers and have a safe and happy new year!

What I’ve been working on: Mainly, I’ve been just trying to get through the holidays. But just for fun, I started plotting, planning, and brainstorming a new set of books that revolve around a family that owns a small Chicago tavern. Maggie will probably end up stealing it, but what can you do? Saucy wench is stealing all my thunder lately.

What’s running around in the back of my mind: I really need to finish Containment. It’s still there, but December has been kind of an emotional month. Hard to motivate myself to write something so heavy at the moment.

What I’ve accomplished: Um…I finished revisions on a story I plan to submit in 2014. Oh, and Miss Maggie Wells may have a trick or two up her sleeve for this week.

What new goal I’m chasing: I plan to get back in the writing groove in January. Back to the 1k a day goal. That seemed to work for me. 🙂

What I saw: Everything that makes life sweet



Weekend Writing Warrior – 12/29/13

I’m working on a re-release of a short story I wrote for the Passionate Exhibitions anthology. Here are 8 more sentences from The Art Lover:

“Like this? Naked?”

“Nude,” she corrected automatically. “We call them nudes.”

She plucked three tubes of paint from the chest before gathering the ones they left scattered on the drop cloth. Kelsy scooped a gob of paint from the dropcloth and slapped it onto her palette. Mitch might have admired the brisk economy of her movements if he wasn’t absolutely terrified by the notion that she thought he would pose for her.

“Arms back over your head, please,” she ordered.

Coming soon!

195 Maggie Wells copy

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Monday Mayhem – Best Laid Plans blah blah blah

So I was supposed to have Christmas with my family this past weekend, but influenza and winter storm Gemini thwarted those plans. Stupid flu. Stupid weather.


This pic was taken a couple of years ago, but you get the idea. Total mayhem. But instead of partying with the howling hoard, I was home this weekend. With as crazy as this year as been, you’d think I’d be excited to have this weekend to get a lot done.

You would be wrong.

I spent the weekend pouting. And doing nothing. This has been the laziest weekend I’ve had in a long time.

And you know what?

I have no regrets.

How about you? Were you kicked back this weekend, or were you one of the many running around in a last minute frenzy? I’m hoping you were lazy like me. I don’t want to be the only slug in the crowd.

Hope your holidays are shaping up to be all you wish them to be.



Weekend Writing Warrior – 12/22/13

I’m working on a re-release of a short story I wrote for the Passionate Exhibitions anthology. Here are 8 sentences from The Art Lover:

“About time you showed up.”

A woman. The intruder was a woman and she’d been expecting him. Irked by the presumptuous amusement in her tone, he stepped into the open doorway and almost swallowed his tongue.

Alarm bells clamored in his head the moment recognition clicked. Kelsy Tecato. Artist in Residence and painter of hard-on-inducing nudes here live and in person, standing in the Templeton Museum after hours as if she owned the place.

Naked as the day she was born.

Coming soon!

195 Maggie Wells copy

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Monday Mayhem – Butterfingers Edition

What I’ve been working on: Christmas baking. I’ve made another mountain of Chex mix, Oreo balls, and the dough for my mother’s favorite cookies, Chocolate Shots.

What’s running around in the back of my mind: Plans, plans, and more plans. Christmas. Post-Christmas. Writing.

What I’ve accomplished:

Mount Chex
Mount Chex
Oreo balls

What new goal I’m chasing: Just trying to kick back and enjoy the holidays. I’ll chase goals next year, I promise.

What I saw: The rootin’ tootin’est cowpoke in the West


What’s on your holiday to-do list?

Here’s the recipe for my mommy’s favorites: Chocolate Shots



Weekend Writing Warrior – 12/15/13

How about an oldie but a goodie? Here are 8 sentences from my first book, Seducing Steve.

“Steve, how long have we been friends?”

His brow puckered. “I don’t know… Eight, nine years?”

“And how many times have we come close to kissing?”

His heart stopped beating. A well-worn montage of near-kisses flashed in his mind’s eye. “We don’t kiss.”

“We don’t kiss because we both know once we start, we won’t want to stop.”

seducing steve_Wells_MD

Erotic romance novelist Sara Wright yearns for passion that leaps from the page. After a marriage that proved to be more fizzle than sizzle, Sara’s writing reflects her growing frustration and also her secret passion for her best friend and muse, Steve Larson.

Steve Larson is anything but your typical romance hero. A redheaded computer nerd with a slow, southern drawl, Steve is neither a cattle baron nor a titan of industry. The one thing he does have going for him is that he has loved Sara from the moment he met her.

When she confesses that he has long served as her inspiration, Steve leaps at the chance to take things to the next level. Determined to be the man to make her fantasies come true, he takes a page from Sara’s own books and plots a passion so intense it threatens to consume them and the friendship they both cherish.

When friends turn into lovers, love can get lost in the shuffle. Fact becomes tightly cocooned in fiction as both Sara and Steve learn to balance their desires with the needs of their hearts.

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Monday Mayhem – Fiction becomes fact

Write what you know. That’s one of the first pieces of writing advice an author hears, and there’s a reason it rings true. If we write what we know, chances are we’ll connect with a reader who has had a similar experience.

A couple of months ago, I was sitting in a doctor’s waiting room reading a Kristan Higgins’ book and bawling my eyeballs out when the heroine’s beloved dog passed away.

Yesterday, I spent the day bawling my eyeballs out after saying goodbye to my beloved Beauregard.

Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside Ethridge
Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside Ethridge

I hope you’ll forgive me if I don’t write about this anytime soon. Hug and kiss your puppies, kitties, buns and other furry friends and tell them it’s from me.


Weekend Writing Warrior – 12/8/13

Here are 8 sentences from my upcoming Harlequin-E release Jump Into Love:

A few strange women had flitted in and out of Langley Sheppard’s life in the last few months, but not one of them had a bizarre fixation on chewing gum like tonight’s winner. Squinting through the sleet-spattered windshield, he attempted to peer into the harsh glare spilling from the glass storefront of the T-N-T mini-mart, hoping to catch sight of his date. The multitude of neon signs crowding the spotless expanse lit the puddles of slush in carnival colors. The store’s owner, Max Merida, believed in the laws of plenty. Plenty of light, plenty of cheesy merchandise crammed onto narrow counters, and plenty of mark-up built into every price. Apparently, his date believed in having plenty of gum.

Five minutes crept past since she bailed from his car, insisting he stay put. He could only figure choosing the right flavor was a deeply personal matter.

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Monday Mayhem – Holy crap! It’s December!

Okay, okay. Yes, I knew it was coming, but…yikes! I really need to get on the ball.

What I’ve been working on: Containment. I added another almost 8k this week. Go me!

What’s running around in the back of my mind: Christmas is coming. I really should do something about….something.

What I’ve accomplished: NaNoWriMo! I passed the 50k mark on Friday, making this my 5th year in a row as a NaNo winner!

What new goal I’m chasing: I’m continuing on with Containment, but December is my month of catch up and plan ahead, so I won’t be setting any lofty word count goals. I have a number of projects on the go at the moment. Going to whittle away at each one.

What I saw: A goal achieved


What’s new with you? Did you know it was December already? Why didn’t you tell me?



Weekend Writing Warrior – 12/1/13

Hard to believe it’s December and we’ve been through a whole year of Hot Nights in St. Blaise! Want to see how it all started? Meet Beth and Spence from Jumping Mr. January:

Again he shrugged, as if it were remotely fair for him to be standing there looking like…Mr. January. “I missed you.”


The toes of his boots stopped shy of the pointy tips of her shoes and she forced herself to hold her head high as his gaze swept from her hair to the spiked heels and back again. “That’s all there is to it,” he said, his voice soft, seductive, and oh-so-dangerous. “You can’t stop me from missing you, Beth.”

“We agreed—”

“We were stupid.”


Jumping Mr. January

When she pitched the idea for The Men and Women of St. Blaise Regional Medical Center fundraising calendar to her Board of Directors, Beth Watkins thought she wrote the perfect prescription for the small town hospital’s budget shortfall.

The moment she got a green light, Beth went after the man she wanted to be her Mr. January and so much more. She had no time to waste. Hunky EMT Robert ‘Spence’ Spencer was leaving for medical school within weeks of the photo shoot she arranged and there was no way on earth Beth was going to miss the chance to sneak a peek at her old high school crush in all his glory.

Focused and dedicated, Spence wants bigger things than his hometown can offer, but when brainy, sexy Beth Watkins breezes back into St. Blaise with a plan that includes getting into his pants, he finds she is the one woman who can offer him something he doesn’t want to refuse.

Be sure to check out all 12 of the Hot Nights in St. Blaise novellas – available now!

St. Blaise

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