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Monday Mayhem – Marvelous

You guys, I have to tell you that I had the nicest weekend. It was a hectic week, starting out with a case of strep throat and continuing through to Friday, which has become back-to-back meeting day for me at the day job. I kicked the weekend off by doing one of the funnest of all fun things…having an eye exam.


Okay, maybe not such a blast, but it was a relief to have it done. I had an appointment back in February, but had to cancel due to an ice storm. Then, I was on the road most of March. I have no idea what happened to April, but I have been running on my last pair of contact lenses. It had to be done.

So there. I checked it off the list. Made the man get his peepers looked at too. Goose-gander, birds slain with a single stone….

Since we were already in chore mode, Fodder and I did the grocery shopping while we were out. That onerous task complete, I was able to retire to the recliner where I chatted with my girls and generally goofed off until it was time to crawl into bed.


Fodder and I had talked about having some type of getaway over the weekend. It’s been a stressful few weeks months year, and we just wanted to do something a little fun. We settled on spending a few hours just about 45 minutes up the road in Conway, AR, where the Toad Suck Daze festival was in full swing.

No, I did not just make up that name. It’s a thing. Here’s the website.

Sadly, to get to the festival, we had to pass through tornado-stricken Mayflower, AR. I won’t post pics or say anything more here because I can’t do justice to the utter devastation left in the path of that storm. I will simply ask you to please continue to support your own local Red Cross and other relief organizations.

The festival was fun, the day was beautiful, and the fair food? Well, let’s just say no one left hungry. We had toasted ravioli and cannelloni, jambalaya with sausage and chicken, kettle corn, and our new fair friend: deep fried cookie dough.


Yes, that is a hunk of frozen chocolate chip cookie dough (egg-free, we were told) deep-fried, dipped in chocolate, and rolled in pecans. Yeah…good times.

My handsome escort also won a prize for me at one of the many sucker magnets games of skill set up along the midway. Meet Colonel Corn – the latest and greatest weapon of spousal torment token of my love’s esteem and affection.

Colonel corn

I’ll leave the ensuing conversations to your imagination. Now, multiply everything you just thought by ten, and you may have an inkling of what Fodder’s ride home from Toad Suck might have been like. I haven’t laughed that much or that hard in a while.

Back on the Ethridge Estate, we proceeded to nap in anticipation of another storm blowing through our neck of the woods. This tiny tempest was thoroughly enjoyable, though, and the path of destruction he wrought much more easily set to rights.

Who, me?

This morning, Fodder and I drove down to the Arkansas River to walk the lovely paths at Two Rivers Park.


While we were strolling we sighted a couple of does and a yearling not 100 yards from us. The sun was sparkling on the river, the sky was blue and cloudless, and the hills fresh and green with spring growth. It was the perfect way to start the day.

Later in the afternoon, I planted impatiens in the hanging baskets and spent a little time holding paws with my puppy dogs whilst my hero grilled steaks. And now, here I am in my chair – full, happy, and more relaxed than I’ve been in a long, long time.

I think we’re all caught up on my side now. Tell me what’s been happening in your world!

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