Weekend Writing Warrior – 7/12/15

More from my current WIP, Play Dates, the first book in what I hope will be a series featuring some hot single dads and the women who capture their hearts! This week: the best *ahem* laid plans….



His heart sank and he dropped onto the bed, sending Monica an apologetic glance before angling his body away from her. “Hey, buddy, what’s up?”

“Can you come get me?”

Closing his eyes, Colm inhaled deeply through his nose. He hadn’t had a call like this in weeks. Of course, Aiden had to pick tonight, of all nights to relapse. Disgusted by the flash of resentment he felt toward his own kid, he balled up his impatience and selfishness and swallowed them whole. Then he yanked his boxer briefs from the legs of his jeans and shook them out. It was one thing to try to talk to your five year old when naked, another to do it with an audience in attendance.


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Teaser Tuesday – Christa Maurice

Promo for Waiting For A Girl Like You

They could make beautiful music together…

Hoping to dodge a scandal that could destroy her personal life and her career, Alex fled grad school for a summer job in tiny Potterville, West Virginia. She didn’t expect the town cupids to orchestrate a “chance” meeting with Marc—a sexy, brooding rock star who appreciates her love of poetry. But Alex doubts he’ll want anything more if he discovers the indiscretion she can’t forgive herself for…

Marc came to Potterville to get some space from his band and clear his head. But before he knows it, he’s intrigued with the waitress at the local diner. Alex is not only smart and beautiful, she’s inspiring his songwriting and taking it to the next level. Soon he’s falling for her—and then she runs away. For the first time, Marc is chasing after a woman—and giving both himself and Alex a chance to heal past hurts and take a chance on the future…








Monday Mayhem – One Click Edition

Hi all!

I’m here! Still in a full-on writing sprint whilst attempting to have a life. Silly me.

The book is going well. I’m chipping away at it bit by bit and hope to have the rough first draft completed by 7/15/15.


In the meantime, I am preparing for my jaunt to NYC later this month to attend the Romance Writers of America annual conference. I’m super excited. Not only do I get to room with the fabulous Karen Booth, but I get to meet a bunch of other publishing biz friends and associates live and in person. It’ll be four days jam-packed with signings, seminars, speakers and soirees.

The downside to all that means I’ve been forced to do some clothing shopping. Those of you who know me in the three dimensional world, know that I loathe shopping for clothes. Add this crazy-pants deadline to my natural aversion and you can understand why I’ve been doing as much of my acquiring as possible online.

Dress at RWA National ranges from pajama party to formal. I’m trying to be strategic in my packing. I’ve picked a basic color scheme of black, white, & re(a)d. [sorry, had to throw the Gilmore reference in] I’m adding in some silver and everything (including shoes and accessories) will work around that.

Of course, I’m a chronic over packer. God forbid I get stuck without at least three days worth of extra underwear and socks (genetic flaw), and I live in fear of forgetting the one essential item that I won’t be able to procure in the nation’s largest metropolis. So, of course, I ordered packing cubes as well. They claim I can squeeze an entire week of tops into one neat and wrinkle-free bundle. I can’t wait to see if it’s true.

So yeah, when I’m not tapping away at the manuscript, I’m clicking away on the shopping sites. So far, I’ve hit all the usual suspects – Kohl’s, Target, and Amazon. Had a fabulous customer service experience with Zappos. The shoes didn’t work out, but they were so awesome about the order, tracking & return that I’ll definitely be ordering from them again.

So yeah, that’s where I’m at this week. What about you? Are you an online shopper? What are some of your favorites?



Weekend Writing Warrior – 7/5/15

More from my current WIP, Play Dates, the first book in what I hope will be a series featuring some hot single dads and the women who capture their hearts! Colm’s a little introspective after the fact.


From the moment he first saw her at the playground, he’d been drawn to her. Throughout dinner, he’d tried to convince himself that it was physical attraction and nothing more. But even that was bad enough. He didn’t want a one-time encounter with a complicated woman to be the yardstick he used to measure any future relationship he might have.

His attraction to Monica was more than physical, and that wasn’t good. He liked her laugh. Loved her quick wit and curious nature. Wanted to know more about her. Why did she pile ten thousand pillows on her bed? Did it bother her that he let his son play with dolls? Would he like her any less if it did?


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