Weekend Writing Warrior – 4/20/14

This week I’m sharing 8 lines from my current WIP, Full Court Press – a battle of the sexes between a legendary women’s basketball coach and the hotshot football coach the university brings in to revitalize a failing program. In this scene, Danny McMillan catches Kate Snyder shooting a few hoops to relax before a hot date with an over-friendly sports writer.


He let his gaze roam down her body and slowly back up again, taking in the gauzy skirt paired with gaudy athletic shoes. “Love the new uniform. Of course, see-through or not, every man in the place will be hoping that skirt flies up when there’s a jump ball.”

She blinked, a frown transforming the clean, classic lines of her face as she glanced at the skirt she wore. “It’s not see-through.”

He widened his eyes, trying for as innocent a look as a man could muster when imagining what went on under that pretty wisp of skirt. “No? Must just be my over-active imagination.”


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10 Replies to “Weekend Writing Warrior – 4/20/14”

  1. Very engaging scene – well played. Wondered if perhaps “She blinked, a scowl transforming the clean, classic lines of her face as she scowled at the skirt she wore.” switching the scowled with glared to eliminate the repeat. Very nice snippet and character personality reveal. Good job.

  2. Oh my…he’s lucky she’s not the kind to get pissed about sexual inuendo and he’d be out of a job!

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