An ode to a ghost


All this Paramour talk has apparently had quite the impact on my author friend, Evelyn Jules. Today, I received this in my inbox:

Dear Frank,

You are a tank.

You’re a ghost with the most…attitude.

Brad is kinda rad, but I like my men bed. Er, bad.

You’ve got the Mohawk, the surliness, and not even a touch of girliness.

You act all tough and aloof, but Cam is proof of how your love can raise the roof.

Or at least cause a white glowing light in the heat of the night.

I don’t mean to taunt, but I want you to haunt me and want me and flaunt me.

We could have ghost babies. Nothing rhymes with babies but rabies or scabies,

But I would endure both for you, my boo.

I would cross ovah so you could be my ghost lovah.

See you in my dreams.

Your Scream Queen,

xoxo Evelyn Jules xoxo


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Here’s the blurb:

Madison Kelly is an erotic romance author from Canada on her way to her first writing conference ever. Across the border. A trunk full of dirty books and dildos proves enough to amp up her nerves and make her lips flap faster than the maple leaf flag.

But she’s not going anywhere until George Petropoulos gives the go-ahead.

The Greek god of a border guard has something other than national security in mind when he detains this particular citizen. He can’t help but be charmed by the juxtaposition between her stammering blushes and the racy books she writes.
A hot and heavy interrogation brings out her inner sex goddess, one that she’s been hiding in the pages of her books, and leaves them both wanting more. But will they be brave enough to cross the line again?

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