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Monday Mayhem – I saved it for you

Posted on Oct 27, 2014 by Margaret Ethridge   6 Comments | Posted in Blog

Okay, so there was going to be a Facebook party that never happened. I was all set to be entertaining for my allotted hour and now I’m stuck with a bowl full of Halloween candy that apparently isn’t Weight Watchers friendly (who knew?) and a bunch of silly questions. Fodder has gallantly volunteered to eat [Read more…]


An ode to a ghost

Posted on Oct 22, 2014 by Margaret Ethridge   2 Comments | Posted in Blog

All this Paramour talk has apparently had quite the impact on my author friend, Evelyn Jules. Today, I received this in my inbox: Dear Frank, You are a tank. You’re a ghost with the most…attitude. Brad is kinda rad, but I like my men bed. Er, bad. You’ve got the Mohawk, the surliness, and not [Read more…]


Monday Mayhem – Thank you!

Posted on Oct 20, 2014 by Margaret Ethridge   3 Comments | Posted in Blog

It’s been a busy couple of weeks with the release of Enchanted Lover, and you managed to hang in there. Thank you all for your support! As you can imagine, I’m a little burnt out on blog posts. I don’t really have much to say other than I think you are AWESOME!    


Guest Post – Maddie James

Posted on Oct 19, 2014 by Margaret Ethridge   3 Comments | Posted in Blog

  I’m thrilled to be part of the Enchanted Lover: Tales of Everlasting Love boxed set, with Margaret Ethridge, JC Wardon, Jan Scarbrough, JM Kelley, and Cat Shaffer. This wonderfully diverse set of paranormal novels is sure to please. No vampires and no werewolves, but there is magic, ghosts/spirits, mystics, witches, reincarnation, and time-travel. That enough to [Read more…]


Guest Author – Cheryl Norman

Posted on Oct 17, 2014 by Margaret Ethridge   3 Comments | Posted in Blog

Cheryl Norman, author of Running Out of Time is here to visit today. Welcome, Cheryl! RUNNING OUT OF TIME, my time travel novel that’s included in the Turquoise Morning Press’s Enchanter Lover boxed set, takes the heroine back fifty years to West Germany during the Cold War. Younger readers may have missed the Cold War. [Read more…]


Guest Author – Megan Mitcham

Posted on Oct 16, 2014 by Margaret Ethridge   2 Comments | Posted in Blog

I’m so excited for my pal, Megan Mitcham. It’s her debut month, and she’s sharing her awesome Base Branch series with us. Welcome, Megan! The Base Branch Series Serve in the name of honor. Battle in the name of love. Known by few as the Base Branch, the United Nations’ Special Operations Forces provide globe [Read more…]


Guest Post – JM Kelley

Posted on Oct 15, 2014 by Margaret Ethridge   5 Comments | Posted in Blog

Today we have JM Kelley, author of Almost Magic: When Almost Magic was with my lovely editor, Karen, I may have gone through about eighty different potential titles for the story. I’d never written paranormal before. I didn’t really know how to capture in just a couple words what was going on in the pages. [Read more…]


Guest Author – Brinda Berry!

Posted on Oct 14, 2014 by Margaret Ethridge   2 Comments | Posted in Blog

TEMPTING FATE (a Serendipity novel #2) by Brinda Berry New Adult Contemporary/Romantic Suspense Available NOW! Check out this fabulous trailer (it features someone you may know!): When two worlds collide, it can only be fate. Collin knows trouble when he sees it. A beautiful girl crashing into his car? She should be flashing a [Read more…]


Guest post – Cat Shaffer

Posted on Oct 13, 2014 by Margaret Ethridge   3 Comments | Posted in Blog

Today, Cat Shaffer joins us to talk about the joy of the unexpected gift! Welcome,Cat! **** I love unexpected gifts. I’m sure everyone is excited by a surprise delivery of fresh flowers or a piece of jewelry that is absolutely perfect. Most of us, I figure, know the person who sent them. But what would [Read more…]


It’s my turn!

Posted on Oct 11, 2014 by Margaret Ethridge   2 Comments | Posted in Blog

Funny to pimp my own book on my own blog, but hey, everyone gets a turn! Here’s a bit about Paramour – part of the Enchanted Lover boxed set available now! Paramour was inspired by one of my favorite old movies, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. Like Lucy Muir, I fell in love with the [Read more…]

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