Commitment (Windy City Women #2)

Divorce attorney, Tom Sullivan has seen enough of the flip side of love to know better than to believe in forever. Until he runs into Maggie McCann.

Maggie is only interested in one thing. A baby. With a milestone birthday looming, her biological clock is about to strike midnight. Giving up on her dreams of Prince Charming, she comes up with a new plan for attaining her happily ever after. One that doesn’t include Chicago’s most elusive bachelor.

A chance encounter gives Maggie and Tom the opportunity to scratch a decade-long itch. What starts as a one-night stand turns into a game of cat and mouse when Tom learns about Maggie’s plan to start a family on her own.

Now that he’s talked her into having a baby together, he find himself banking on a possible happily ever after. If only he can get her to commit…

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