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By day, Margaret Ethridge/Maggie Wells is buried in spreadsheets. At night she pens tales of people tangling up the sheets. This author of feminist, sex-positive romance is the product of a charming rogue and a shameless flirt. Trust us, you only have to scratch the surface of this mild-mannered married lady to find a naughty streak a mile wide.


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Play for Keeps (April 2018 – Sourcebooks Casablanca)

“…their passion explodes into satisfying encounters rich with pure enjoyment amid gentle power plays and smart, hot banter.” ~ Publishers Weekly

“Play for Keeps is entertaining, heartbreaking, and sexy. Maggie Wells provides drama, angst, conflict, humor, and plenty of heat.” ~ Harlequin Junkie

“I enjoyed this story, the way that the characters knew each other, had established a friendship before the romance began. I also enjoyed reading about older characters, people who have experienced the good and bad that life has thrown at them and are still willing to give love a chance.” ~ Wicked Reads

“I loved the fact that Millie, the heroine, is over 40 and in shape but not tiny and waif-like. I liked her take-charge attitude, and adored her relationship with her two BFFs, Kate and Avery.”  ~ On Books and Quilts

“Talk about your emotional roller-coaster rides… this was a thrilling, sexy, entertaining and engaging romantic journey of finding love in when you least expect it.” ~ Amazon Reviewer

” Ty and Millie were great and that kiss was OFF THE CHARTS.” ~ Amazon Reviewer

“While part of me will always be my 16- and 26-year-old selves, the rest of me says, thank you, Maggie Wells for writing romance heroines over 40, especially ones who don’t have children. We aren’t ingenues, but we aren’t dead yet.” ~ The DailyWaffle

“I love how real Millie is. Completely without filler or filter. But she’s not without fear. That’s why Ty is the perfect match for her because he’s conquered the fear of failure–his failure as a professional basketball player and his failure in marriage, and he still keeps trying to get it right.” ~ Amazon Reviewer

Love Game (February 2018 – Sourcebooks Casablanca)

Debut author Wells scores big with a perfectly paced and gutsy romance that takes the push-pull heat of competitive flirtation to the max. Kate Snyder, a “feminine but formidable” women’s basketball coach, is determined to defend the successful sports empire she’s built at Wolcott University. She fears being overshadowed by the high-priced hiring of scandal-ridden hottie Danny McMillan to rescue their failing men’s football team. The friction in Kate and Danny’s public fights, laden with “so much chemistry, there’s been talk of handing out hazmat suits,” is a publicity boon, but their private relationship may butt up against the morality clause of Danny’s contract. Wells masters the slow-burn buildup, giving each lead a steamy solo scene before even getting them together, and transfers their fierce banter smoothly from the school hallways into the bedroom. The boldness with which this power couple takes on the workplace issue as a team displays egalitarian and mutually supportive strength too rarely seen in heterosexual romance. A side plot focusing on family drama is weaker, but Kate’s two gossipy, feminist girlfriends are delightful and well positioned to be the next leads in the series. This is a very impressive debut sure to garner an instant following for Wells. (Feb.) 

~ Publishers Weekly STARRED review

“Wells earns an A-plus, however, for creating a power couple that fully embodies being grown-up, intelligent adults who fall madly in love.”  ~ BookPage Rising Stars of Romance

Love Game is a tale that feminists will rejoice over. A modern read for a modern world.” ~ Romantically Inclined blog

“…any woman who loves a smart, driven, dedicated, take-no-prisoners heroine, will love Kate Snyder.  She puts the “hero” in heroine as she fights for her job, her players, women’s sports, and the love of her life.” ~ A-Loved It! from That’s What I’m Talking About blog

“I know it is early in 2018, but I can already tell you Love Game will be one of my favorite reads this year, it is that good!” ~ Purest Delight 5 stars ~ Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

“I asked to review “Love Game” on a whim and ended up delighted that it broke out of stereotypes and presented a strong heroine along with a hero who relishes her for that strength. She also kept her agency in the face of so many who either dismissed it or would have asked her to diminish her worth.” Recommended read ~ Dear Author

Play Dates (October 2017 ~ Lyrical Press/Kensington)

“A playful, fun, and sexy romance I loved Play Dates!” ~ D at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

“I will definitely be looking too read Mike’s book; Easy Bake Lovin’ due for release in March 18.” ~ Amazon reviewer

“I just loved Colm he was such a great dad to his son Aiden and they were so damn cute together you cannot help but love them.” ~ Amazon reviewer

“Maggie Wells did not disappoint. She writes great characters, dialogue and plots. I loved seeing how Monica and Colm got together in spite of the baggage they both carried. ” ~ Amazon reviewer

A Bolt From the Blue (April 2017 ~ Lyrical Press/Kensington)

“A Bolt from the Blue is brilliantly woven from beginning to end, filled with compelling characters who light up the pages with humor and honesty. I loved every minute of it!” ~ Amazon review, 5 stars

“…combines a satisfying mix of sweet and sexy to the couples that she writes about, and she never fails to make me laugh and cry in the span of a single book. My chief complaint is typically: MORE!” ~ Amazon review

“Loved the relationship between Mick and his daughter. And the two sisters’ relationship? That is something I could relate to. A place, situation, and characters I loved spending time with.” – Amazon review, 5 stars

Love & Rockets (November 2016 ~ Lyrical Press/Kensington)

“A Maggie Wells hero has chinks in his armor, a source of vulnerability that makes him human (one of my favorite aspects of the author’s storytelling). Her heroines, on the other hand, wear pride and independence like a badge and struggle to admit when they need help.” ~ Epilogue Book Blog

“Love & Rockets is sweet, charming, and entertaining. Maggie Wells weaved in great banter and featured strong friendships.” ~ 5 stars – Harlequin Junkie

“This was a sweet & sexy read……” ~ Amazon Review

“This will be a story I’ll read again and again!” ~ Amazon Review

A Will and A Way (July 2016 ~ Lyrical Press/Kensington)

“The dance between these two is nothing short of fun, feisty, and flaming hot.” ~ Epilogue Book Blog

“Siiiiigh. I’ll be reading this one again and again!” ~ 5 star Amazon review

Flip This Love (April 2016 ~  Lyrical Shine/Kensington)

“Flip This Love by Maggie Wells strikes the perfect balance between smart and steamy. Add in two truly likeable main characters, as witty and accomplished as they are outwardly attractive, and we’ve got another winner on our hands from the Coastal Heat series.” ~ Epilogue Book Blog

“For those readers that enjoy second chances and southern romances, Flip This Love might be a good fit for you!” ~ Harlequin Junkie

“Harley, Harley, Harley how to describe him well he’s sweet, but at the same time he could be a smarta**” ~ Andrewsheath, 5 star Amazon review

“Before I say anything else, I need to confess that I’m hopelessly in love with Harley Cade. There. I said it.” ~ Julie, 5 star Amazon review

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