Cover reveal! Spring Chickens

We have new cover art for the reissue of Spring Chickens – coming January 8, 2015!


You wanna see?


Maybe just a peek?


I promise there are no disembodied heads floating above the hills


And no poultry in sight


You ready?
I said…


Here it comes…


Bram Hatchett thought he buried his heart with his wife, but when a big city beauty blows into town to dispose of the family farm, and she captures everyone’s attention. Particularly his.

Spring Chickens – coming soon from Turquoise Morning Press!

4 Replies to “Cover reveal! Spring Chickens”

  1. In “Men in Black” there’s a line where Kay is showing Jay some neat little piece of alien technology, and he says “Now I’m gonna have to buy the White Album again.” Well, now I’m gonna have to buy Spring Chickens again! That is one good looking cover!

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