2 Replies to “Fangirl Fridays – 3/20/15”

  1. Scandal! I have to wait to talk about Scandal because not all of my peeps have seen it yet, but…Scandal!

    I’m back to watching Chuck on Netflix. Love it so. Still in early season 1 in my Body by Gilmore Girls program, but remembering all the reasons why I fell so hard for that show.

    Confession time: I recorded the first episode of The Royals. Has anyone watched? I’m a little scared to try it, but it looked to cheesy to pass up.

    Oh, and just 2 weeks until Outlander and Mad Men are back! Yay!

  2. Scandal! Scandal! Scandal! 😀 It’s just the best. Right? The. Best. Show. As usual, Liv is my idol. But Abby has been rocking my world as of late. Red has some acting chops after all.

    I’ve been loving The Voice this season too. As much or more than ever. The bromance is going strong. I’m a huge fan of Pharrell, and I’m digging Christina too.

    Basically, TV has been awesome lately. Keep it up, TV. Keep it up. Happy Friday!!

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