3 Replies to “Fangirl Fridays – 3/6/15”

  1. Okay…Olivia Pope. Last night she was back in every possible way. Such a powerful episode. I’m so flipping excited about this new VP candidate too. Though she may seem like a socially awkward kook, I have a feeling she’s really gonna shake things up in the White House. And Mellie. I just want to say that I love her unconditionally, and when it comes time for her to run for prez, I will be hitting the virtual streets with buttons and cookies and anything else I need to bribe people.

    Happy Friday! 😀

  2. I thought I was too old to be this shallow, but apparently not…Last night, a few seconds’ shot of dyin’ Deacon Claybourne wearing some glasses and…Damn. Guess I really have a thing for guys in glasses. (Also see: Christian Kane, Leverage.)

  3. Oh, this girl makes passes at guys who wear glasses, Carol. I’d also make one at Olivia Pope.I think my girl crush on her has surpassed my thing for Kate Beckett. For now, I’m mourning the loss of Sidney Chambers(James Norton in Grantchester). Darn BBC with their teeny tiny seasons! On the other hand, I think Downton gave us the best 2 hour Christmas special yet!

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