3 Replies to “Fangirl Fridays!”

  1. I have to say, I watched a new series with my mom last night called Wayward Pines and it freaked my freakin’ freak. So weird and twisted and surprisingly addictive. I think I’ll have to tune in again next week.

    Happy Friday, baby! 🙂

  2. This week all but one of my ships has sailed, but I did get a little spark on an old flame. Said goodbye to Scandal until the fall and Mad Men forever. Must wait a week to watch the rest of the goings on at Wentworth Prison on Outlander. May indulge in a little of this weekend’s marathon. Listened to Scott Patterson (Luke Danes) on the Gilmore Guys podcast, and now I have a little hope for some Amy Sherman-Palladino backed resolution for The Gilmore Girls. Crossing everything that it isn’t just a tease.

  3. I’m in that same boat. All my shows are now on Hiatus. Master Chef did start again so I will watch. With the pod cast there’s a lot of buzz… like Al’s chow mein sandwich.

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