2 Replies to “Fangirl Fridays!”

  1. What? No Scandal comments yet? Well then, I’ll repeat my admiration of all things Deacon. Man, that guy is seriously rocking the angsty dying guy thing. Here’s a selection from Wednesday night’s episode, a continuation from where the week before left off:
    Deacon: “I’m dyin’, Ray. You always said I’d drink myself to death and now it’s comin’ true.”
    Rayna: (Slaps Deacon, then falls into his arms, sobbing)”I’m sorry I hit you.”
    Deacon: “It’s OK, baby.”
    They hold each other, cry and talk, until…
    Deacon: “I don’t want you here, Rayna. I’ve already hurt you too much. I don’t want you here, watchin’ me die.”
    ME: “Hit him again, Rayna!”
    Hee. Great soapy episode, though. Lots of pretty.

  2. Oh! I’ve been remiss! Scandal. Was. Amazeballs. I just love it so much. So many twists and turns. I loved Jake, then I hated him, then I loved him even more. Mellie was epic, as usual. Liv continues to be my hero for getting sexed by the most attractive men on the planet. And I’m loving Fitz more than ever this season for how supportive he’s being of his wifey’s run for prez. This wait between eps is gonna kill me!

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