Friday Flashers 3/22/13

Friday Flashers

Today I thought I’d share a bit of a short story that’s been collecting dust in a file folder for a few months, but is about to get a delightfully sexy overhaul. 🙂 The working title of this story is Going Deep.

Gathering all the ammunition in her arsenal of ace-reporting, Brooke lobbed her most pressing, hard-hitting, newsworthy question at him. “Why did you kiss me?”

“I wanted to.”

He answered without missing a beat. The realization that he’d expected her to ask made her cheeks flare, but the need to take him down a notch burned hotter. Feeling vulnerable, she struck back at the one spot she knew might still be touchy for him.

“Pretty ballsy for a quiet guy like you to kiss the Homecoming Queen in front of the whole school. Must have taken weeks of planning. Were there charts involved?”

Brian’s smile faded, but he kept the oh-so-familiar smirk in place. The sardonic eyebrow twitch that dogged her all through high school was back too, but she knew the blow hit home. She’d been high school royalty—popular, pretty, and well-liked enough to be voted Queen of every dance as well as Student Body President. His only social triumph was being elected President of the Science Club.

His eyes narrowed but remained locked on hers. “You mean a nerdy guy like me.”

The intensity of his stare dredged up a raft of insecurities she thought she’d jettisoned years before. “You hated me all through school.”

“That’s not true.”

His voice was melodious and deep. The confidence ringing through the cooled molasses thickness of his drawl proved more seductive than poetry. He wasn’t that nerdy boy anymore. This man knew damn well the effect he had on women.

She held his gaze. “Why am I here?”

“Your paper wanted an interview.”

The simple answer wasn’t good enough. “Why me?”

“I wanted you.”

Happy Friday, my friends!

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