Guest Author – Sandra Jones shows off Her Wicked Captain!

I’m so grateful to Maggie for letting me visit with you today. My new release, Her Wicked Captain, is the first book in a new series, The River Rogues. Today, I’m giving away a FREE copy of my book for one lucky commenter.



Vaguely she heard a clink and the sound of a bottle stopper. Then whiskey vapors burned in her nose as the rim of a glass touched her lips. A warm hand held her jaw steady, then she swallowed the liquid fire.

Warmth surrounded her suddenly. She forced her eyes open and found she was wrapped in a soft blanket in the circle of Rory’s arms. He carried her to the middle of the bed and climbed beneath the covers with her. Her cheeks went hot, thinking him naked, until she felt the caress of fine cotton against her side and realized he’d put breeches on while her eyes had been shut. She wriggled to give him space.

“Be still while I warm you.” His whispered command roused suspicion in her sluggish brain. How did he intend to do that? His hand rested on her bare stomach as his lips pressed against her neck. Delight curled through her as she felt the tip of his tongue trace her skin, his teeth grazing over her collarbone. His warm breath rushed out as he spoke across her, “I dreamt of you this way, but the reality is infinitely better.”

His thoughtful ministrations were too much, causing her composure to crumble. With the help of the whiskey that he’d poured down her throat, she found her voice. “I’m sorry I ruined your g-game. I’m s-sorry about Molly’s dress, and—”

“Philadelphia.” He pushed up on one elbow to look down at her, and his hair fell in shaggy waves around his face, reminding her of when he was an awkward youth. Charming. “That game meant nothing. It was supposed to be practice for you, and you were brilliant. The dress—I confess you were fetching in that dress, but I’ll buy Molly another. I’ll buy you scads more. I’m the one who should be apologizin’ for taking you there with little protection. I should grovel at your lovely feet.” He kissed the valley of her throat and his hair brushed her chin. He murmured, “Actually, I think I will.”

The bed shifted under his weight and he disappeared underneath the blanket. She lifted her head to see what he was doing when his large form maneuvered beneath the covers. Again she wondered at his intentions until she felt his coarse hands curling around her calves and his lips on the soles of her feet.

The tickle of his stubbled mouth sent vibrations humming through her. She squealed and clawed the bed, struggling against the impulse to kick. “Stop, stop!” she laughed.

Obediently, he left her feet, turning his kisses to her ankles, causing waves of heat to travel up her limbs. Higher and higher, his lips inched over her, pressing more tiny kisses along the inside of her leg.

Suddenly Rosemary Hughes’s priggish life as a schoolmistress dimmed in comparison to tonight’s adventures.

“Is it working?” he murmured between kisses.

“What? Oh. Yes.”


She played right into his hands.

Possessing uncanny people-reading skills like her mama, Philadelphia “Dell” Samuels has spent thirteen years in her aunt’s rustic Ozarks home, telling fortunes over playing cards and trying to pass as white. But the treacherous Mississippi River childhood her mama dragged her away from finally catches up to her on a steamboat captained by her old friend Rory Campbell.

Known to his crew as the Devil’s Henchman, Rory is a gambler in need of a miracle. Following the cold trail of his boss’s wife and bastard daughter, Dell, Rory has only one goal in mind: saving his crew from the boss’s cruelty by ruining him. The only one who can defeat the Monster of the Mississippi is the man trained to take his place. Rory’s convinced he can lure his boss into a high-stakes game against a rival, and with Dell’s people-reading skills, the monster will lose everything.

Under Rory’s tutelage and protection, Dell agrees to the tortured captain’s plan. Passion and peril quickly bring them together as lovers. But when Rory’s plan goes awry, the lives of the innocent depend on Dell’s ability to read the situation correctly—and hopefully save them all.


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Historical romance author Sandra Jones was born and raised in Arkansas. She loves living in a cabin overlooking White River where she enjoys watching eagles and dreaming about the adventurous frontiersmen who once traveled past in steamboats. When she’s not reading, writing or researching, she’s the cook for her cranky old tom cat, her husband of more than 25 years, and her two grown sons. She also loves to chat with her fans.

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The River Rogues are highly competitive men. They enjoy a good game of cards or sharpshooting pistols.

Are you competitive at anything? What’s your favorite game or sport? Comment for a chance to win a FREE e-book of Her Wicked Captain. I’ll choose one commenter this week for the winner.

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  1. Whoa. That scene…holy crap. It’s hot. I hope I win a copy of this story because it sounds awesome!!

    Am I competitive at anything? *laughs* How about everything? My favourite sport is soccer, followed closely by volleyball, tennis, ultimate frisbee, dodgeball, football…Oh, and don’t even get me started on games. lol.

    Best of luck with this series, Sandra! 🙂

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