Honoring the lives of those who lost theirs.

I saw this meme posted on Facebook yesterday and it got me thinking:


None of us knows what the day will bring. All we can do is make the most of the here and now.

Are you looking for some way to honor those who lost their tomorrows on 9/11/2001? Here are a few more suggestions:

Tell the people who matter most to you that you love them. Even if you’re pretty sure they already know. It can’t hurt.

Laugh out loud – for real (no acronyms allowed).

Call an old friend.

Make a new one if you have the chance.

Sing along with the radio.

Do something silly.

Do something scary.

Break a nasty habit.

Buy someone a little treat.

Pet a dog/cat/rat/bunny/porcupine.

Stop holding grudges and start holding doors.

In other words, live a life of fullness, not fear.

5 Replies to “Honoring the lives of those who lost theirs.”

  1. Beautiful words. I will try especially hard today to tell all the people I love most just how important they are to me, you included. I heart you big time, Moogster. And Carol, A-M, if you’re reading this too, you’re the best Almost-Mommy in the entire world. *hugs you both*

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