Let the madness begin!

The winner of last week’s contest was Christine! Thank you all for your comments!

Okay, so we’ve made it through Thanksgiving and I can now turn my attention to Christmas. Unlike many retailers, we do not acknowledge the approach of the December holidays until after the November birthdays and Thanksgiving Day have passed. That being said… Look what followed me home from the tree farm yesterday!

Isn’t he cute? I have him up here in the writing nest with me where I can give my little Charlie Brown tree the love he needs.

You see, I may refuse to shop in April or decorate in July, but I love the holiday season. I believe that the nearly four weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas provide ample time to scatter glitter around my house (indoors and out), tie bows on everything that doesn’t move (and some that do – sorry Tim), and stimulate the economy with impulse buys (see picture above).

So let the madness begin! We’ve tagged our tree and will go cut it down in a couple of weeks. I’ll be making a list of baking supplies and going to the store twice because I inevitably find a new recipe I simply must try. The hubby will be dragging boxes of decorations up from the barn all week.

So, are you one who starts early or are you fashionably late to the holiday party? It’s okay if you’re already there. I won’t mock you too much for being a holiday overachiever. Much. 😉

4 Replies to “Let the madness begin!”

  1. I love your Charlie Brown tree! I think he’ll be very happy in his new home. 🙂

    I’m always fashionably late to the party. I have the best intentions, but I will admit I haven’t yet purchased my Festivus pole. And I haven’t compiled my list of grievances. However, the chin-ups I’ve been doing lately should certainly help with the feats of strength. So I’m not a complete holiday failure. 😛

  2. I have always waited till the first weekend in Dec. to decorate. I refuse to bypass Fall to jump ahead. But, I leave everything up til after New Years. I know people who literally take their decorations down the day after Christmas. I used to have my Christmas cards out the day after Thanksgiving though, now I’m not as efficient. LOL.

  3. Your tree is too cute. Will you plant it in the yard after Christmas? (Since I’m in the process of re-reading your epic story masterpiece, that’s what your tree reminds me of. Hee)

    I don’t decorate my house for the holidays. My ex was a decoration lover, so we used to decorate together. Now I don’t see the point of getting a tree and putting up lights just for me. I do put a few odds and ends out, usually mid-December. But I don’t go overboard. I love other people’s decorations though.

    Now cookies are another story. I love Christmas cookies. I have at least 2 recipes I always make, and last year I added a third, the Lime Coolers I got from you. Those are now one of my new faves. So I’ll be making cookies this year, and I’m also going to attempt Peppermint Bark for the first time.

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