Monday Mayhem – A Little Help from My Friends

I have to admit I have been struggling with the writing thing…and by struggling, I mean I haven’t been writing. The publishing world has been a little disheartening.

I have a book on submission, which basically means I am waiting for someone to say yes or no. That’s one of the things people don’t know. The potential for rejection in his business never ends. The next contract is never a given, even when your books win critical acclaim, or have decent sales. Publishing is a business with a bottom line. If we don’t set the world on fire straight out of the gate, it’s back to the drawing board.

So yeah. I have one that’s out there waiting for a bite, another that’s 2/3 written, and an idea that scares me just enough to make me think it’s a good one, and yet… I can’t seem to get in the groove.

For the past few months, I’ve just been going with the flow, trying not to stress, etc., but at some point, I’m going to have to write or get off the Mac.

So, I did what any writer does when faced with the abyss – I hooked up with my writer friends. Yes, we did a little whining and scary soul bearing, but the magical thing about these days is the fact that we realize we are not alone. And as much as I hate the fact that my friends are struggling too, there’s also some strength in it.

By talking through our fears, or what’s holding us up, we help one another find a way through to the other side. When we take time to talk about all that’s making us feel overwhelmed, we find that our friends have a totally different perspective. Sometimes, we just need feedback from someone who is in the trenches with us to see through the smoke.

And sometimes, we need people to remind us that we have magic, bullet-repelling bracelets.

4 Replies to “Monday Mayhem – A Little Help from My Friends”

  1. You are honest and brave and you never ever give up, and these are only *some* of the things I admire about you. Good things will come, and when they do, I’ll be shaking my pom-poms and shouting, “I told ya so!” Love you! xo

  2. You do indeed have magic, bullet-repelling bracelets. You are a talented writer who also works very hard at your craft. The balance between great talent and hard work can be difficult to maintain. I just reread MM for the eleventieth time and once again I was amazed by your ability to make me laugh out loud one minute, and tear up the next. I know it isn’t the same thing, but when my trumpet students go through a rough patch, I tell them to just take a week off and play for the fun of it. Maybe you figure out a way to do something to remind you how wonderful and fun writing can be. Just my 2 cents…

  3. You have the prettiest bracelets. Everyone says so. In addition, your words are in my head and they don’t ever leave. Just last week I suddenly thought of a certain scene and started giggling like a loon. I thought then that I should let you know how your writing has permanently embedded itself into my life. (Thanks for that, by the way!) Go ahead and try the scary story. Sometimes it takes something completely different to give you a sense of freedom again. Good luck! You know your international fan club loves you very much!

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