Monday Mayhem – Affairs of the Heart


Like contemporary romance? I’m participating in the Affairs of the Heart Valentine’s giveaway February 8 – 15th, and we’ll be giving away tons of awesome books and a Kindle! This includes my book, GOING DEEP!

Enter today and tell all of your romance loving things!

It was migraine week in Magsland, which means very little got done. I did, however, finish Chapter Seven of RANSOMED HEART. That puts me at the 1/3 point. I’ve discovered a lot about my characters that I didn’t know before. That means, I’ll be spending a good chunk of this week tearing apart what I have, tightening the story arc, and exploring some of that uncharted territory.


I’ll also be ordering a big tin of Garrett’s Mix for my beloved. How about you? Making big plans for hearts and flowers day?


2 Replies to “Monday Mayhem – Affairs of the Heart”

  1. I’m very impressed that you still managed to write despite the migraine in Magsland. Kudos to you! I need to really buckle down and get some words in this week. I’m THISCLOSE to typing ‘The End’!

    As for the hearts and flowers day, for once in my life, I actually have someone to celebrate with…except we had to cancel our romantic weekend rendezvous on account of a broken humerus. However, we still have plans to spend as much of the weekend together as possible, making goo-goo eyes at each other. 😀

  2. Good job, writing while ailing! Admiration galore for doing anything with a splitting head.

    Hubby and I celebrate two romantic days during Valentine Week. Tomorrow marks the anniversary of our first date…let’s just say it was long ago, in a county far, far away. (OK, not so far away, but I was on a roll.) So for a combo gift, I reserved tickets for us to go see Young Frankenstein on stage. We’ll be puttin’ on the Ritz for sure!

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