Monday Mayhem – Angels Edition

No, not Charlie’s Angels, they’re Voirey’s angels!

I’m on the road this week, but my good friend Voirey Linger agreed to stop by and introduce you to her Heavenly Lovers series. Be sure you check out all the cover art too. Whew! *fans self*

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Being a pastor’s kid can put a big kink in the career goal of writing erotic romance. I grew up being reminded that people were watching me and every move I made reflected on my father. For my childhood, the Great Commission was, “Go ye therefore and shame not the family.”

Back then, I always figured I’d grow up, the pastor’s kid thing would be over, and I could write whatever I wanted. Isn’t that the thrill of being an adult, after all? No rules! We can run naked and cause mayhem if we want. Well, until the police catch us, anyway. But life didn’t quite work out that way. My parents’ reminders that the world was watching me left a little something behind, something that I can’t seem to erase.


Not about what I write. I love my stories and wouldn’t change a thing about them. No, my guilt is focused completely on the idea that if anyone knows what I write, my family will fall into some vast chasm of chaos and all will suffer.

Funny thing is, I don’t mind keeping it all to myself. It’s like a secret identity, minus the tricked-out cave. For once, I have an aspect of my life that’s mine alone. I don’t feel like I’m being watched, that my family is being scrutinized. I’m able to step away from that ‘pastor’s kid’ mentality and just be me.

I love my family and friends, but writing is all mine, and I’m not sharing.

The third book in my Heavenly Lovers series, Embracing Eternity, is now available from Ellora’s Cave publishing, and the first two books in the series have been bundled into one print volume, Heavenly Eternity.

Embracing Eternity by Voirey Linger

Evangelos has loved Philomela since before time began. He’s dreamed of having her in his arms and his bed. But she never once looked his way. Instead, she chose a Fall that transformed her into a monstrous creature. He never forgot the one he loved, and he’s determined to bring her back home.

Cut off from the power that fed them, Meela and the other Fallen angels became demons, thriving on vice and preying on Creation. Hell holds too much pain and Meela wants nothing more than to give in to the temptation Evan offers. But a demon has no place in the arms of an angel.

Meela knows Evan’s determination to save her will be his downfall, because Lucifer wants to feast on the power of angels, and she’s the perfect bait.

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Heavenly Eternity by Voirey Linger

Heavenly Eternity

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7 Replies to “Monday Mayhem – Angels Edition”

  1. Great post. I’m glad you’re keeping writing yours, I love your angels! Who can resist Angel-Love? Can’t wait to read the newest one and that is one tasty cover.

  2. Thanks, ladies. I’m very happy to have this final book finished and out.

    And I absolutely love the covers. I’m going to work up the courage to make an indecent proposal to my cover artist soon… right after I stop licking these covers.

  3. Hi Voirey! Loved this post! I made the mistake of sharing the fact that I write dirty stories with my family…my WHOLE family. My grandma laughs more now. My mom thinks everything I say is a euphemism for sex. One of my great uncles hugs me more frequently than he did before. At least three cousins told me they had sexy times with their significant other after reading my first release. Um. Yeah. Anonymity is a good thing sometimes. 😉

    Love the sound of Heavenly Eternity!

  4. Megan, escaping to my writer time is like dashing off to my own personal Bat Cave. I’m a super hero with the sexy times!

    Evelyn, another good reason to be quiet. Not good for the family to know TOO mush about what goes on in my head. Some of it might scare them. The rest of it definitely would.

  5. Hot! I agree. Write what you want to write. You’re doing it for yourself and the readers who love it.

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