Monday Mayhem – Back again

Sorry I missed you last week. I was attacked by a norovirus Sunday afternoon, and unable to come to the computer.

This unexpected turn of events caused great upheaval in my routines. Not only did I miss posting here, but I missed a day in my 100 day challenge. Quite a bummer, considering the 100 days are up next week. Still, I plan to get 99 out of 100, and my overall word count shouldn’t be worse for wear.

Still, lots of things happening this week. If you have not downloaded copies of GOING DEEP and FLIP THIS LOVE for only $0.99, do it now! The sale ends this week. Share this with your friends!

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Later this week, everyone’s favorite redhead will be back, and he’s FREE!

SEDUCING STEVE free June 29 – July 2 exclusively on Amazon!

160 pages of red-headed hottie

All of this as I sprint to the finish line on A BOLT FROM THE BLUE so I can turn it in to my editor at the end of the week.

Oh, and as of Thursday, I’ll have been married to this guy for 15 years:


So, all in all, a busy week leading up to Independence Day and the release (finally!) of A WILL AND A WAY!


What have you been up to?

8 Replies to “Monday Mayhem – Back again”

  1. So much excitement ahead! Happy almost-anniversary, and happy almost-release day! 😀 I’ve been busy, busy, busy! School is nearly out for the summer, but the final week is always a mad rush to finish report cards, clean up classrooms, and prepare for graduation. But in the midst of all the craziness, I’ve had a ton of fun, too. Lots of quality time with my co-workers outside of the school, and family fun with Dad, Prince Charlie, and the Royals. Have a wonderful week! 🙂

    1. Get all that fun stuff out of the way because we’re going to CAMP in July and we’re gonna work!

  2. I’d say you had a darn good excuse for missing the day. Happy Anniversary on Thursday. Can’t wait for A Will And A Way

  3. What a good-looking couple you are! No wonder you can write the romance stuff. Glad you’re feeling better and I’m looking forward to reading A Will and a Way!

    My life has had a curve thrown into it. Hubby has taken a new job, and his hours are almost exactly the opposite of mine. Suddenly I’m alone in the house for the first time in forever. An odd feeling! So I’m catching up, finishing projects, and remembering how to do things on my own again. (Cue the Helen Reddy music!)

  4. If you only missed one day of your challenge, you’re doing GREAT.

    We have a new addition to our family, a miniature Australian Shepard named Archie. We’ve had him for just over two weeks and he’s fitting in beautifully. Emily the cat has yet to be won over, but a little progress everyday. This is the first male animal we’ve had so I’m still getting used to the need for him to pee on every. single. tree. hydrant. bush. post. rock…

    My arthritis is acting up, so I’m confined to having feet up today with lots of ibuprofen. Sorry Archie, no walk today.

    1. I’m sorry the arthritis has you down, but so happy to hear about your new addition! Funny how little males differ from one species…oops! Did I type that out loud?

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