Monday Mayhem – Back at it! What is she up to now?

I’m hard at work again. Next up, revisions on DOUBLE PLAY (book #3 in the Love Games series). It’s Avery’s turn at bat, and boy does she clobber poor Dominic Mann with a grand slam!

After that, there’s another rough, rough draft that will need to be polished. It’s a sort of an ode to those glitzy 1980s-90s romances I loved so much

I am also working on a new project I hope to shop on submission. It’s pretty rough around the edges, but I’ll fix ’em up and get them going sometime this week.

People are still reading and loving the LOVE GAMES series.  Have you left a review on Amazon? If not, please consider doing so. My algorithms need you!

The hunt for a new day job continues. Had an interview last week for one I think I’d really like. Cross things for me, will you?

3 Replies to “Monday Mayhem – Back at it! What is she up to now?”

  1. All things crossed. You are definitely a busy bee. I am really looking forward to Avery’s story as well as the other ones you told me about.

  2. i don’t know how you keep this all straight, but I’m happy that you do! At my age, I can’t cross much, but I’ll do my best!

  3. I am crossing all the things for you! You know I’m loving Avery’s story like a toonie floozy. Can’t wait for all the other stories bursting from your beautiful brain! 😀

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