Monday Mayhem – Begin as you mean to go on…

Did you hear? It’s a new year. Yep, 2012 slipped in while I was sleeping. Sneaky little bugger. Oh well, I’m glad it’s here at last. Not that 2011 didn’t treat me right. I think we can all agree that it did. Even in the end, 2011 kept giving and giving. It was incredible!

Contentment was named Most Memorable Story of 2011 by Another Look Book Reviews, and Paramour made a couple of end of year polls, and was ranked #3 in Top 25 books or series of 2011 by Heather Brewer at Everybody Needs A Little Romance. I’m still a little flabbergasted. The past couple of years have been a whirlwind—of the very best kind.

And now, a fresh new year. It’s hard to believe 2012 is here already. So much to do, so many things to look forward to already! What’s my plan of attack? I will begin as I mean to go on—head-first, full speed ahead, damn the torpedoes, and watch out, here she comes!

There’s tons of good stuff coming our way this year, so here’s a quick rundown from my little corner of the world:

Week of January 23: Commitment from Turquoise Morning Press

 I got cover art – wanna see?


Isn’t it pretty? I cannot wait for you to spend a little time with Maggie and Tom. These two are fun, sexy, and oh-so-delicious together. And they’ll be available soon! Squee!

Week of April 23: Spring Chickens from the Wild Rose Press

Oh my goodness, Lynne and Bram. I hope you fall for them as hard as I did. I loved writing this book. I love that this hero and heroine aren’t exactly spring chickens. I love that they fell in love, despite the fact that they can’t see each other clearly when they get up close and personal. Who says presbyopia can’t be sexy?  Certainly not me.

Week of June 4: Inamorata from Turquoise Morning Press

He’s baaaaack! The sexiest ghost ever to be stuck in a 60s-era light fixture is back. I’m editing now and preparing to send this baby off to my editor, but I can tell you that a new family has moved into the Stafford house, and Frank DeLuca seems destined for a new love. That is, if he can let go of the past and learn to trust in the promise of eternity.

(Cover art to come)

Whew! Pretty cool, huh? Well, that’s not all. I’ve been huddling with my editor and publisher about the possibility of finishing out the Long Distance Love series. That’s right; there will be more Jack and Ellie to come! The plan is to combine all of the published stories with five or six new short stories to round the series out and bring them full circle. I’m working on them now, and I can’t help looking at this for inspiration:

I love that cover. It’s sooooo them. Anyhoo – stay tuned for details.

That’s what I have on the docket for now. I plan to start chasing the plot bunnies running around in my head, and hopefully will have a new novel or two completed in this brand-spanking-new year. Perhaps I’m being a little ambitious, but I don’t see the point in aiming low.

Whatever happens, I’m excited for 2012. How about you?

What are you looking forward to in the coming months? Any goals or plans you care to share?  Happy Monday, my friends. Thank you for making 2011 a banner year for me. I wish you and your loved ones a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2012.

Now go out there are kick some ass!


6 Replies to “Monday Mayhem – Begin as you mean to go on…”

  1. Yaaaaay!!! Ellie and Jack series in one, in chronological order, and complete!
    I wanted to ask if you plan something like that. Because I lost track how much was published, and in which order I have to read it 😛

    Well, this certainly made me happy.

    Here’s to a fabulous 2012 🙂

  2. Ha, Kathrin, I made a list of the stories so I knew which order to re-read them.

    Concourse Christmas (Believe anthology)
    An Interview with Jack and Ellie (free read)
    New Years, New Expectations (free read)
    I’ve Got You to Talk With Me…. (free read)
    Be Mine (Be Mine, Valentine anthology)
    Kiss Me, I’m Full of Blarney (free read)
    Going the Distance (All Bets are On anthology)
    The feeling is Pari-Mutual
    Declaration of Dependence (Summer Shorts anthology)

    I’m so excited for your 2012. I think this is going to be a good year. I can just sense it. Glad you are forging full steam ahead!

    Less than 2 months and you get to see me even. 🙂

  3. Chants, hehe, thanks 😀

    Though I didn’t know about the Interview. So, good Mags wants to pack it all into one 😉

  4. I’m so proud of you for all you accomplished in 2011! And 2012 is gonna be a fantastic year, with Commitment, Spring Chickens, Inamorata, and even more Jack and Ellie action! I’ll be so excited to have an entire collection of their stories. I’ve always been nuts about that Pari-Mutuel cover too.

    In a couple months I’ll get to see my best girlfriends; in four months I’ll find out where I’m going to teachers college. I’m really hoping I’ll pull a Rory and get accepted by all four universities I applied to. In three months I’m praying to hear the news that I won a writing contest based on my EyeCue. 😉 So yeah, lots to look forward to. And I have a feeling love will find me this year too – and not just bunny love. 😀 Yay for 2012! *dances*

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