Monday Mayhem – Butterfingers Edition

What I’ve been working on: Christmas baking. I’ve made another mountain of Chex mix, Oreo balls, and the dough for my mother’s favorite cookies, Chocolate Shots.

What’s running around in the back of my mind: Plans, plans, and more plans. Christmas. Post-Christmas. Writing.

What I’ve accomplished:

Mount Chex
Mount Chex
Oreo balls

What new goal I’m chasing: Just trying to kick back and enjoy the holidays. I’ll chase goals next year, I promise.

What I saw: The rootin’ tootin’est cowpoke in the West


What’s on your holiday to-do list?

Here’s the recipe for my mommy’s favorites: Chocolate Shots


5 Replies to “Monday Mayhem – Butterfingers Edition”

  1. I will need to get the food supplies for the Christmas dinner. Then there is still Operation Declutter so people can sit at the, as it stands now, ‘non-dining’ table. But decorating and wrapping is done so that’s good. I will not stress. I will not stress.

  2. I want to live on Mount Chex Mix where it rains Oreo balls all day. I have most of my Christmas shopping done, but I know as soon as I go home there will be tons of work to do to get things ready, including the dreaded Christmas grocery trip. However, I plan to do a lot of relaxing this holiday, as we all should. We can make up for it in the new year! 🙂 Happy holidays to all!

    *smooches the little cowdude*

  3. Your cowpoke is adorable. What more could you want for Christmas besides him? Well, besides the oreo balls and chex mix! I’ve still got cards to get out and presents to wrap (and some to still buy!) but it will all get done. It always does!

  4. Last Saturday I went to a party, and I have another one this Saturday. Coming up is the cookie party, so I have to bake 13 dozen cookies. Lots o’ fun. 🙂

    Those oreo balls look amazing!

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