Monday Mayhem – carpel tunnel edition

I’m writing at a full-on sprint these days. The deal isn’t signed, sealed, and delivered yet, but there’s been  offer, acceptance, and a panic-inspiring deadline set. So, I’ve spent the last twelve days cranking out words. I need to have the first  draft done before I leave for the Romance Writers of America conference in late July.

I’m about halfway there.

As usual, the first run at it will be far too wordy. I can already see the threads I’m going to have to cut, and some I need to sew up. But I’m having a great time with these characters. They’re fun and snarky, and thankfully, they seem to like talking to me. Plus, you know I love a deadline. I love smashing them to pieces. Boo-yah!

So, if I’m a little quiet for the next few weeks, you’ll know why. When things are official, I’ll sing it from the rooftops. In the meantime, picture me doing a lot of these moves:

2 Replies to “Monday Mayhem – carpel tunnel edition”

  1. Boo-yah! 😀 Keep kicking ass, baby! You’re on fiiiyah! The carpal tunnel will totes be worth it in the end. 😉

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