Monday Mayhem – Chihuahua Mama!

My pal Amy Jarecki is here to answer a few quirky questions and share a bit of her new release, Chihuahua Momma with us! Here I go with those hard-hitting Barbara Walters questions!

Describe yourself in three words

Intense loving hermit.

Any nicknames? Tell me about them!

Plenty. My favorite is the moniker my dad gave me: L.B.T.W.A.J.G. we even had a song about it, and I’d stand on the bench seat beside him in the truck (loooong before baby seats) and sing it at the top of my lungs. What does it stand for? Little Bitty Teeny Weeny Amy Janers Gal…what else?

As authors we tend to have to research many bizarre and unusual topics. What’s the strangest thing you’ve Googled research-wise?

Boy, that’s a tough one, especially since I Google several times a day. I also write historical romance and I come up with some weird stuff. Today I was looking for a cure for ague and had to sift through a ton of modern remedies before I found what I wanted. Sheesh, who calls malaria ague these days?

Share your favourite word or phrase.

Shit—at least that’s what all the kids in the neighborhood think.

Do you believe in love at first sight? 


Tell me about the inspiration for Chihuahua Momma:

Well, I show Chihuahuas and one day in the ring, I saw hunk of a man with whom I fell in love at first sight…and thought…maybe I should write a book about a top notch handler who gets it bad for an ex-football star.



In the frenetic world of canine pageants like Westminster, where dog hair flies and personalities diverge, Rebecca Lee remains in a cocoon of loneliness. Widowed, with two teenaged kids and a business to run, Rebecca would rather mow through five-hundred poodle cuts than think about dating. But when former quarterback Matt Johnson shows up to buy a Chihuahua, his irresistible grin rocks her world—until Matt’s ex decides she wants him back and Rebecca’s daughter decides she’s against her mom dating. Rebecca now has a choice—crawl back into her realm of dogs or fight for the powerful love that fills her soul.


Chapter One

Like all males, this one was a sucker for a back massage and he leaned into her skilled hands with a blissful moan. He arched his back when she found that “spot” and Rebecca chuckled at the dog’s leg-shaking response. She glanced in the mirror over the stainless steel doggie bath. The steam always made Rebecca’s red hair frizz and it tickled her cheeks as she worked suds into the Powder Puff Chinese Crested.

With her teenaged kids at school, Rebecca sang along to the tune of “Uptown Girl” booming from the light-rock station. She sounded pretty good and blasted out the words she knew, substituting “doggie paws” where her memory failed.

Rebecca took her hand off the Crested to swipe the encroaching frizz out of her eyes. Of course the dog took advantage of the freedom and shook, splattering her with water and suds. “Darn you little rascal.” She twitched as doggie bath water dribbled down her face. Glancing at the mirror, she dabbed her cheeks with her shirt sleeve. The suds in her hair would have to wait.

As she reached for the warm water spray hose, a muffled doorbell rang. Her eyes shot to a plastic black-and-white Chihuahua clock, its tail wagging to the tick of each half-second. Damn, ten minutes early and he’s at the wrong door. Can’t people read the sign? She fastened the grooming loop on the Crested and folded up the side panel of the bath to ensure the dog’s safety.

Dashing from her studio, she opened the door of her Southern New Jersey home. With a sharp jolt, her breath caught as a friendly grin and sky-blue eyes gazed down at her. “Hi, I’m Matt Johnson.”

Rebecca stood motionless. Her mouth hung open, her mind unable to focus.



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I can’t handle any more than that, or else I’d never get any work done.

Thanks for having me on your site, Margaret! I love your not-so-mainstream questions!

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  1. Love the sound of this book, Amy! Very fun interview! I particularly enjoy the moniker your dad gave you. And now I’m singing it to the tune of Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini. 😀

  2. Thanks for having me, Margaret! LOL, I spell Momma the old fashioned southern way…must be my southern roots!

    Hi Evelyn, I’ll have to tell my dad about the Yellow Polka Dot Bikini song, that’ll give him a good laugh!!!

  3. Sheesh, Amy, I’m sorry. You’d think after 12 years in Arkansas I’d know better…. I fixed it!

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