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Monday Mayhem – Diving in

Posted on Jan 11, 2016 by Maggie Wells   1 Comment | Posted in Uncategorized

Here we go, kids!

I just turned in the manuscript for LOVE AND ROCKETS (Coastal Heat #3) last night. Wooohoo! What does this mean? It means it’s time for me to get to work on RANSOMED HEART (Warrior #2)!

I’m excited to start on something new, but that doesn’t mean I’m done with the Coastal Heat series. I’m preparing a proposal for two more books in the series, so cross your fingers and toes. I’m also excited because the first book in the series, GOING DEEP, is on sale!


Brooke and Brian started it all. Now they’ll have company as Laney and Harley’s story comes out in April and Jake and Darla’s in October. It’s so much fun to see this world grow to encompass so many new love stories.


A new year means new plans. As 2016 starts, I’m working on 2017 and beyond. I can’t wait to share these new adventures with you!



1 Response to "Monday Mayhem – Diving in"

  1. Comment by Evelyn Jules
    January 11, 2016 at 9:12 am  

    Huzzah and congratulations! Your new year is off to a blazing start! So, so, SO excited for the Warrior series, but I think you already know that. 😀

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