Monday Mayhem – Dollar Short Edition

I’m late… Gee, I hope I’m not pregnant….

Kidding! Seriously, honey, it was a joke. Drop the defibrilator.

I was feeling a tad under the weather yesterday. By ‘a tad’ I mean I felt like poopy. Still kind of do, but better than yesterday, so onward I trudge!

Spent the weekend in a hot house. Our ancient a/c unit died and now Fodder and I are selling organs and limbs on the black market to figure out how to pay for a new system. Seems like these things pile up, don’t they? We knew this day would come, but since there’s never a good time to tackle these projects, we put them off and put them off.

‘Add it to the list’ is a well-worn phrase in our household. How about yours?

I thought I’d share some of the things that have been on our list for the past…oh, ten years, give or take. Then you can share some of yours and maybe I’ll feel a little better knowing we’re not alone. If you don’t have a list, do me a favor and make one up. Okay? Thanks.

1) Replace heat and air system.

2) Scrap non-insulated, non-weather-resistant windows with some without condensation trapped within the panes.

3) Tear out hideous master bath with pink ceramic tile and gold carpet flooring.

4) Swap out faux-butcher-block countertops for something that doesn’t scream 1988.

5) Rip ancient, stained gold-toned carpet throughout the house.

Yeah, so… One down….

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2 Replies to “Monday Mayhem – Dollar Short Edition”

  1. 1. Well, the coving for the guest bath that needs to be replaced still sits on my floor in the bedroom.
    2. We’ve talked about taking out a part of a wall between the dining/kitchen to make it a place to sit with barstools. Now mind you we’ve been saying that since the kids were in elementary school. Although I might actually get the dining room and kitchen repainted and cabinets refinished (thank you, Son in Law who works in the painting trade)
    3. When we changed out the sliding glass door in my bedroom, hubby never did finish out the casing around it. Good thing the blinds cover it.

  2. You’re a day late posting, I’m a few hours late commenting. It all cancels out. I think. Anyway, do you have a picture of the pink ceramic tile and gold carpet flooring combo? That sounds awesome. I was so upset the day my parents took out the carpeting in our house and replaced it with hardwood. I always have been and always will be a carpet girl. Hardwood floors are COLD! They’re freaking death traps for your feet. We’ve renovated quite a few things in our house, and still our list could eat your list for breakfast.

    I won’t go into detail because I don’t actually own this house and I don’t want the people who do (my parents) to kick me out. 😀 Hope you’re feeling better! *hugs*

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