Monday Mayhem – Exhale

I had two deadlines to start the month of October. Both have been met.


Sorry, couldn’t resist because…underpants.

So, anyway, now, I get to kick back and relax a little before NaNoWriMo starts in November.

My plan it to spend October working on…plans. I’ve got a new branding/marketing campaign to work out, the book I plan to write during NaNoWriMo to ponder, and goals to set for 2017 and beyond.

Yeah, that’s how I relax.

Oh, and this:


What’s on your agenda for October? If you aren’t already signed up for my newsletter, be sure to enter your email on the sidebar. This month, I’m giving away a signed paperback of A WILL AND A WAY.

Oh, and FLIP is on sale for only $0.99 this month.

Nothing draws a magnate like a steel magnolia...

And LOVE & ROCKETS is coming soon!

Love and rockets_final

AND…I’m out. Happy Monday and Shana Tova to my friends celebrating a new year!

5 Replies to “Monday Mayhem – Exhale”

  1. Congrats on meeting your deadlines! You’re an inspiration! 🙂

    I’ll be writing, writing, writing this month and next month so I can meet my own deadline! Then I foresee a lot of hibernating as we head into the winter months. 😀

    Happy Monday!

  2. Love the snuggle picture. Major congrats on meeting your deadline. I know you work so hard and it must be fabulous to achieve a goal.

  3. Mags, you crazy workaholic, you. Anyone who has already met her October goals by the third of the month is possibly a little scary. But good for you! Get some rest now so you’re ready to tear into November. (I believe there’s a Netflix binge approaching next month, too.)

  4. For the record, I didn’t meet goals early, I met publisher/contractual deadlines on time. LOL 🙂

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