Monday Mayhem – First Christmas

I confess, I am writing this post way early. You see, this past weekend was my first Christmas of the season. As I type this, I’m plotting and planning for the 9 hour ride to see my family. Chaos will ensue on Saturday, then we drive back Sunday. I figure I probably won’t have the energy to post when I get home, so here I am, writing like it’s Monday on a Thursday night.

How’s your December going?

Mine has been incredibly busy. Major changes at the day job this month and next month will keep me hopping. I’m also doing the behind the scenes stuff for the Play Dates series starting next fall, and one day hope to actually finish the book I started writing in November.

Oh! And I re-released Long Distance Love! Look at this gorgeous cover. If you haven’t read Jack and Ellie’s story, you need to. Grab your copy today!

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Other bright spots this week included some quality time with a dog and her chicken:

And my friend, Kendra, gave me a Tribble!

Okay, it’s just one of those puffy keychains, but I like to think it’s a Tribble. What’s bright and shiny in your world this week?


3 Replies to “Monday Mayhem – First Christmas”

  1. Well right now as I look out the window the yard is shiny with a dusting of snow. Tomorrow we will be with The Force as we see the new Star Wars movie. Sunday it won’t be as bright since this will be a family-less Christmas but I will medicate with ham. But the next day the fun will ensue when our best buds travel to see us. I really, really, really love that cover on Long Distance Love.

  2. Love the cover! Of course, I’d love anything with Jack and Ellie. What sweet memories I have of those two. Hope your trip was safe and full of joy. I’m feeling very serene today as I am one with the force, the force is with me.

  3. I think that’s my favourite of all your covers. It’s so beautiful and magical! 🙂 So glad you could escape the office madness for a while, only to replace it with the Kidwell chaos. 😉

    I’m five days away from a two-week break, and I can’t wait for it to start!!!

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