Monday Mayhem – Flowy me

Okay, so I’m trying to be more on task this month. One of the tools I’m using is a nifty bullet-list site/app called WorkFlowy that one of my Twitter pals turned me on to. It’s super simple and streamlined, but allows me to make lists and check things off. I’m using it for everything from a sort of writing brain-dump, a diary, a gratitude journal, and a running to-do list.

Super simple, but a great way to keep up with things. I can use it on my desktop or mobile devices. If you want to give it a try, click this link and we both get bonus storage space.

In other news, I tried my first wardrobe styling service this week. I signed up to try Dia & Co in hopes of shaking myself out of the solid color shirts and Levis rut. They sent me a box of super-cute stuff – none of which I would have chosen myself – and I’m keeping all five pieces. It’s not cheap, but I think the clothes are good quality and it’s a nice splurge. I’ve signed up to get another box in May.

Check out this cute flowy blouse I can wear while I’m using my WorkFlowy app:

pink blouse

Congratulations to Nancy B! She won a $5 Amazon gift card last week in my newsletter giveaway. Are you on my mailing list? If not, be sure to add your email in the sidebar!

And I just realized I just linked you to a bunch of stuff like I’m some kind of marketing maven, but we all know that’s not the case. If I were, I’d have linked my BOOK PAGE and suggested you share it with a friend.

Slick, huh? Yeah, not so much. I just like sharing cool things I am doing and trying. And I’m always open to any fun stuff you want to share with me, so don’t hesitate to comment or email any tips, tricks, apps, or services you like to use. Spring is the time for new growth, right?

So, tell me…are you trying anything new as Spring approaches?

3 Replies to “Monday Mayhem – Flowy me”

  1. I loved reading about your Dia & Co adventure. I would love something like that but I can’t find anything comparable for Canada. What a cool thing to have someone choose something for you. The fact you kept all 5 pieces sounds really promising. I don’t mind paying for quality. I am kind of like you. Jeans and sweatshirts. We have makeup boxes to order but I pretty much wash and moisturize.
    I am hoping that Spring will renew my interest in the outside world and I can quiet hibernating. I am so unCanadian when it comes to our winter. I have been so jealous hearing you Southerns talk about your spring flowers budding and cleaning out your gardens.
    Good luck with your new app. I give a positive vote for anything that make life easier!

  2. I love lists! That sounds like a great idea.
    The only new things I’ve been trying are muffin recipes. LOL.
    Looks like the weather is warming up so I want to get back to walking every other day.
    Awesome about the clothes. I agree the blouse looks pretty.

  3. That app sounds perfect for you! I’ll just watch you make those pretty lists of yours. I’m a list voyeur. Also very cool about the wardrobe styling service. I need one of those, but for just athletic shoes. 😀

    The spring thing I’m trying is meals in a box. Cooking is the new ordering takeout, yo!

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