Monday Mayhem – Highs, lows, and a revelation

Well, it’s been another one of those weeks. A great cover in the inbox, some exciting news soon to come (fingers crossed), then the day I’ve dreaded finally came. Those of you who follow me on Facebook or Twitter have already heard, but Saturday morning I lost the two pound love of my life, TimBunny.

Fodder and I were (and are) heartbroken. Tim came to live with us in 2006, after our son won him at at a county fair. I initially said and emphatic, “No,” but the minute I saw him, it was a done deal. True love.

Me & Tim

Every night, I kissed his little bunny nose, hand-fed him a pumpkin seed, and pledged my adoration even though he was by far the most rude, inconsiderate, aggravating, and downright disgusting roommate I’ve ever had. I lack the words to convey how much I miss him already.

Now, I will move on to some good news. I got the approved back cover copy for FLIP THIS LOVE (Coastal Heat #2) Here’s the scoop:

Nothing draws a magnate like a steel magnolia…

Harley Cade is back in town—and the former bad boy is downright irresistible now that he’s donned a hard hat and set to work restoring the South’s finest homes to their former grandeur. While wealth may have gained Harley entry into high society, it’s going to take a lot more than a fat bank account to win the lovely Laney Tarrington.

Laney isn’t open to giving the self-made magnate a second chance—no matter how much she needs him. With her family fortune gone, Laney finally has to stand on her own two feet. The last person she’d ever lean on is Harley, the man who left her behind with nothing more than memories of the passion they once shared….

With the attraction still burning hot between them, Harley isn’t above seduction—or secretly buying Laney’s bankrupted family’s estate. After all, he no longer has to prove himself to anyone, least of all the daughter of Mobile, Alabama’s most prestigious family. But will pride keep Harley from gaining the biggest prize of all—a place in Laney’s heart?

Oh, and you wanna see something pretty? This landed in my inbox too:


Yay! I love Harley and Laney’s story, and I think the cover is perfect for them. For those of you keeping track, FLIP THIS LOVE will be available April 16, 2016.

So, yeah, the roller coaster of life keeps streaking along. I’m hanging on and hanging in, and hoping I can make it through a day without trashing another pair of contact lenses.

If you have a furry critter living with you, go kiss him/her.



3 Replies to “Monday Mayhem – Highs, lows, and a revelation”

  1. *hugs you hard* Tim was a lucky, lucky bunny to have such a loving family. Thinking of you and sending my love.

    Thrilled with the cover for Flip! And the blurb is fantastic! Hope you have a wonderful week ahead, my friend! xoxo

  2. Highs and lows a way of life. Here’s hoping the highs outnumber the lows by a wide margin. Awesome cover. Look forward to reading Flip.

  3. This quote from the book “The Gap of Time” really hit me hard the other day when I first read it. “Grief means living with someone who is not there.” I’m so sad you have to live without your bunny.
    But on the happy side, that is one awesome cover. Hope the good stuff helps to mellow out the sadness a little bit.

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