Monday Mayhem – Fresh meat!

I’m traveling quite a bit over the next few weeks, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to introduce you to a few of my author buddies. I’m kicking this little foray into the unknown with a complete unknown. I’m crazy like that.

Meet my very funny friend, Evelyn Jules. Her debut story, Blind Faith, will be released by Turquoise Morning Press later this summer. I had the opportunity to read this sizzling little story, and trust me, you’re going to want to read it too! Without further ado…Ms. Evelyn Jules!


Hi everyone! I’m taking over Margaret’s blog today. *maniacal laugh, maniacal laugh, maniacal laugh* If only you knew how long I’ve wanted to do this. But now I have special permission seeing as how I’m an official author and everything. Yep, it’s true! I signed my first contract with Turquoise Morning Press in April! It just magically floated into my inbox one day. Okay, that’s not exactly how it happened. You want the real story? Here goes….

It all started about a decade ago…Oh. You want the Cliffs Notes version? Hmmm. So a year ago I went to the Lori Foster Reader/Writer Get-together in Cincinnati, Ohio. I attended as a ‘reader’ but I was also there to support my incredible author friend, Margaret Ethridge. I follow her wherever she goes. True story. During the get-together there was a raffle with fabulous prizes. One of those prizes was a professional critique of 10 pages of manuscript from Kim Jacobs at Turquoise Morning Press. Guess what? I love watermelon gum. Oh, and I totally won the critique! 😀

As soon as I got home I started writing like a fiend. It took me close to two months before I had something I thought was presentable. This was my big chance. I didn’t want to waste it. They always say the waiting is the hardest part. Hardest. *giggles* Yeah, I write smut. I might as well come out and say that right now. Anyway, it was another two months before I heard anything. Kim gave me tremendous feedback, offered several suggestions on improvements, and in the final line of the email she told me that if I was willing to make the revisions, she was very willing to look at it again and offer me a…contract. *gasp* The ‘C’ word! What every author and aspiring author dreams of!

So I went back to my writing cave, added another four thousand words to my story, polished it, hugged it, kissed it, and forced Margaret to edit it more times than I can count, then I held my breath and resubmitted it. Fast-forward to April 1st (also known as April Fools’ Day). I got an email from Kim. She said my story made her laugh and cry. She loved it. More importantly…she wanted it! Happy, spastic dancing ensued. But it all came to a crashing halt when I recalled what day it was. Wait a minute. This wasn’t a joke, was it? I wasn’t entirely convinced either way until I received that ‘C’ word. My very own contract! Happy, spastic dancing ensued once more, this time accompanied by fits of sobbing. Margaret can tell you all about that. She was the recipient of a very watery phone call.

And I suck at Cliffs Notes. But I would like to share one last important detail with you. My first story, an erotic romance entitled Blind Faith, will be released this summer. Here’s the blurb:

Faith Lawson is just your average, wholesome librarian with a dirty mind . . . until a chance encounter with a handsome stranger brings her fantasies to life in a frantic night of passion. But when he walks out her door, he leaves a piece of his past behind that changes everything.

Sounds good, right? Just smile and nod. Oh, and please come visit me on my blog, twitter, and facebook for updates, news about future releases, fun games, contests, and general dirtiness! Thanks so much to Margaret for having me here! Don’t tell her I told you this (because she gets all weirded out when I get schmoopy) but she’s totally my favourite author.

So to leave you all with a question, what will you be reading this summer (besides Blind Faith)?


Thanks, Evelyn! I’m going to bypass the schmoop and post a few links. Be sure to like/follow/bookmark these babies so you’ll know when Blind Faith becomes available!




19 Replies to “Monday Mayhem – Fresh meat!”

  1. Nice job Evelyn on your guest blogging. It sounds like you had a fun and exciting ride to Contractville. congratulations on that. Let’s see, following you on FB. Check. Twitter. Check. Blog. Check. I’ve covered all the bases.

  2. Thank you so much for having me here, Margaret! I’m so lucky to have a special author friend like you to help me make a name for myself! *BIG HUGS*

    Thanks for all the follows, Laurie! And thanks for visiting! 🙂

  3. Great guest post, Evelyn! That first contract is much cause for spasticated dancing and sobbing. Can’t wait to read Blind Faith. Currently my summer reading includes Elle Jasper’s Afterlight, the first in her Dark Ink Chronicles, and the first week of July, I’m eagerly anticipating getting my hands on Yasmine Galenorn’s Night Seeker. I have a list as long as my leg (if not longer) of books to choose from that I want to read. Whether I get to all the ones I want is another story!

    So glad to have you joining us at TMP.

  4. Thanks, Taryn! I can’t wait for Blind Faith to release so I can finally share it! Your summer reading list sounds fabulous. I hope you get a chance to read at least up to your thigh. 😉

    Beyond happy to be part of the TMP family, otherwise I wouldn’t have met people like you! 😀

  5. So besides Blind Faith, I’m getting my fill of chick lit. I just finished Gemma Halladay’s Spying in High Heels. Have you read Margaret’s Spring Chickens? Awesome story. I’m also reading the newest Harlan Coben book, and whatever else strikes me as exciting/wonderful/interesting/fun at the moment. Congrats on your first book release!

  6. Hi Suzanne! Thank you so much for the support! I have indeed read Spring Chickens and I loved every second of it! Anything Margaret writes is a must-read for me. 🙂

  7. Congratulations! I’ll follow all the things when I get home. I loved your update, especially the part about watermelon gum. I’m taking that as a subtle message that you really love me!
    So happy for you and I can’t wait to read Blind Faith.

  8. Hi Evelyn, it’s great to meet you, although I thought you’d be taller. Since I am also just your average wholesome librarian with a dirty mind, I can’t wait to read your story. Congratulations on landing that contract! (April Fool’s Day will never be the same.)

  9. Hi Janie! So nice to meet you too! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂 And Christine, my dear, of course the part about the gum was a message for you. But not so subtle. 😉

  10. I may have to wait until the work day is done to get all my following in order so I can stalk you effectively, but I will get there!

    I’m so excited to read Blind Faith when it’s released – though it will be winter reading for me, of course! In the meantime, I will continue my stalking of Margaret Ethridge and her books to get in some extra practice.

  11. *waves* Hello guest blogger Evelyn. You are so adorable with your happiness. It is infectious. I can’t wait to read and review your first story. Such an exciting thing to get a contract.

    I have so many books on my summer reading list but I just don’t have time to get to them all. Currently I am loving a series called Rescue Me by Kallypso Masters and I am loving it. I am just having a hard time finding time to read. Oh well, vacation is coming up and I refuse to think of work.

    Best to you!

  12. *waves back* Hello to you, Michelle from Canada! 😀 I just can’t stop being happy. Life is really good! I hope you have a fabulous vacation and catch up on your summer reading! And thank you so much for saying hi!

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