Monday Mayhem – Gastronomic Edition

This weekend, Team Awesome took Little Rock by storm!


Okay, the reality is that we ate our way through Little Rock. There isn’t a whole lot to do around here other than eat. My fabulous Jewels arrived on Thursday afternoon, and we had her snarfing real southern BBQ and peanut butter pie at Three Sams before we even took her home.

threesams pbpie

Wanna know what else was on the menu?

A movie night feast fit for a Gilmore Girl!

Half-price shakes at the Sonic, David’s Burgers, the Flying Fish, Panera, Dunkin, Cantina Cinco de Mayo, movie theater popcorn, caramel pecan rolls, and of course….

frozen Nutella spoons



Bopper sundaes from Shakes.

Yeah…so if anyone is looking for me, I’ll be over here having my stomach pumped.

Between meals we managed to squeeze in a little writing, a spot of shopping, some cardboard box sledding, a bout with some dueling pianos, a few hours with the Diamond State Romance Authors, and about 5 movies.

How about you? Did you indulge in anything particularly yummy this weekend?

3 Replies to “Monday Mayhem – Gastronomic Edition”

  1. That looks like an amazing vacation weekend! Fabulous!!
    I did squash (which I admit to really really loving) and spent the entire day at the beach on Sunday. Gotta love those sunsets.

  2. Man, did we have a good time, or what?! Honestly, it was a vacation I’ll never forget, and I’m so happy I had a chance to eat (and play) my way through Arkansas with you! 🙂 Miss you already! *hugs*

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