Monday Mayhem – Gimme five!

I asked my pal Laurie whether she wanted 5 things or 5 lines for this week’s Monday Mayhem post. She asked for a sneak peek at something I’m working on. So, because her wish is my command, I am sharing 5 lines from a story that I currently have out on submission called Jump Into Love. Meet Lang….

A few strange women had flitted in and out of Langley Sheppard’s life in the last few months, but not one of them had a bizarre fixation on chewing gum like tonight’s winner. Squinting through the sleet-spattered windshield, he attempted to peer into the harsh glare spilling from the glass storefront of the T-N-T mini-mart, hoping to catch sight of his date. The multitude of neon signs crowding the spotless expanse lit the puddles of slush in carnival colors. The store’s owner, Max Merida, believed in the laws of plenty. Plenty of light, plenty of cheesy merchandise crammed onto narrow counters, and plenty of mark-up built into every price. Apparently,his date believed in having plenty of gum.


Okay, so I threw in a bonus line. I just wanted to finish the thought.

So how about you? Got any big goings on this week?


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  1. *claps* Remind me to thank Laurie for asking for the five lines. Those were fab!

    This week will be rather busy for me and the fam as we prepare for our yearly shindig, aka The Corn and Wiener Roast. Lots of inside and outside work has to be done. Thursday I’ll be spending some time with the grandparents and there’s been talk of ribs for lunch from my favourite place. Friday the royals are coming so everything must be pristine by then. And then Saturday is the big day. We’ll save a seat by the fire for you just in case you can make it. 🙂

  2. This week will consist of getting rid of this cold (I hate it). There will be work per usual plus the added bonus of driving Miss Daisy … I mean my mother around. On Sunday, which technically is NEXT week we will have the par-tay for the munchkin. And I will try to stay the course and continue biking.

  3. Yay, new stuff! I love it. 🙂

    Uh, Wednesday my new washing machine is being delivered. And Friday I have this thing that I can’t talk about. That’s about it. 🙂

  4. Way to go, Laurie! Good choice. I like hearing what you’ve been up to, Margaret, but I’ll always gobble up a new snippet of a story, too! “Max Merida” is already making me chuckle because it sounds like Max Somebody-Else. Looking forward to reading the whole story eventually!

    Not much going on with me. Back at work after a week of vacation, so I’m dragging around, feeling put-upon because I’m not independently wealthy and can therefore be a woman of leisure all the time.

    And a comment from your last week’s post: Loved the pic of the three of you! Glad you had a wonderful time across the border!

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