Monday Mayhem – Gotta Get Away

I’ve been suffering a pretty strong vacation urge for the last couple of years. When one moves 500+ miles from family and friends and marries into a ready-made family, vacation time is usually eaten up with trips back home or activities to entertain the kids.

My husband and I haven’t taken a trip that wasn’t work or family related since our honeymoon in 2001 when we went to Eureka Springs and stayed at the beautiful (and haunted!) Crescent Hotel.


We had a taste of what it might be like when he flew to south Texas last spring to meet me for a quick weekend. I was working in McAllen for a couple of weeks, and the flight times to and from Little Rock just didn’t make sense for a Friday afternoon to Sunday evening turn around, but the proximity to South Padre Island and frequent flier miles made a couple days at the beach possible.


Boy, did that whet the whistle.

When inclement weather forced us to stay overnight in Cape Girardeau, MO on our way back from Illinois, we discovered that we both enjoy exploring these old Mississippi River port towns. It didn’t hurt that we came out of the riverboat casino $60 ahead for the night.

So yeah, we’ve been itching to get away again, but with job/family/pet/financial obligations, it hasn’t been easy to take the time away. But then I had a flash of genius.

No, I didn’t invent an intermittent windshield wiper, but I did manage to put a couple of random thoughts together and come up with a semi-plan.

You see, I’ve been entertaining thoughts of a story or two with a historic South backdrop. Towns like Vicksburg or Natchez, MS. Both are within few hours of our house, so the man and I have been tossing around the idea of a road trip. The easy proximity from either of those locales to New Orleans, and the fact that my husband has never experienced The Big Easy, and well…it’s safe to say there’s a plot afoot.


We like diner food and flea markets. We’re easily lured by roadside stands and local attractions. Photos of plantations turned B&B have spawned more than one fantasy involving sneak-drinking brandy whilst I observe the size and strength of Rhett Butler’s hands….!quotes/

Ahem. Sorry. I digress.

How about you? Are you a road trip person or do you prefer to make a beeline for your final destination? Anyplace in particular you’re yearning to see?


3 Replies to “Monday Mayhem – Gotta Get Away”

  1. Love road trips. They’re exciting! Love meandering through local places. We stopped in flea markets in MI, and it was so much fun combing through all the treasures. It’s awesome to see the locals in the little hole in the wall restaurants. It’s fun to imagine their stories. I know you’ll have a grand adventure with hubby! And man, that clip…

  2. A road trip sounds perfect for you two, and using it as a method of research for your books is even better. I can only imagine the ideas you’ll spawn when you take your man to the Big Easy for the first time. 😉 I’ve always enjoyed a good road trip, but I require scenic routes or extremely entertaining people in the vehicle with me. That can make or break a trip. Also, the places you stop to get food. And you must have snacks in the car. Those are essential. Hope you two have an absolute blast!! 🙂

  3. When I was first married and then when the kids were growing up we took road trips pretty much every summer. The Pacific Northwest, The Southwest, heading to Yellowstone and Mount Rushmore hitting Utah, Montana, Wyoming, and South Dakota. We became quite the experts in travel. Books on tape, travel games, snacks in the car, we had it all. I say dooooo it and have a great time.

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