Monday Mayhem – Happy New Year!

There’s so much happening in 2018 and I cannot wait to share it with all of you!

My word for the year in 2018 is BOLD. I’m going to try to live my life more boldly in the New Year.

How about you? If you had to pick one word to encapsulate your 2018 ambitions, what would it be?

6 Replies to “Monday Mayhem – Happy New Year!”

  1. I’d say perseverance. I wish I’d chosen a word that’s easier to spell, but that’s what perseverance is all about, right? I’ve got big goals and dreams I want to achieve, and I’m gonna do it, dang it! Happy 2018, baby! Here’s to accomplishing amazing things!

  2. My word for the year is ‘bloom’ because I’m in a bit of a growth mindset, but I’m also ready to done some more shining and bloom just seems to incorporate both of those things. Great word, Maggie!

  3. “Survive.” Sorry, 2018 is going to have to prove to me that it’s a kinder, gentler year before I put away all of my survivalist gear. Between the state of our country, the lean times at my job, and the bitter cold, I feel like I’ve got to hang on with everything I’ve got left. I will be absolutely delighted to be proven wrong!

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