Monday Mayhem – Here we go again!

I feel compelled to warn you, I’m going to be bugging the bejesus out of you again. You see, I’ve found out that I will have two more books included in boxed sets this year. Yay!

First up, and coming very soon: Love Finds A Way – featuring Contentment!


Then later this fall, Paramour will be included in a set of romances with a paranormal bent. Whoo hoo!

Though it’s been a rough year for new writing projects, it’s shaping up to be a very busy year for my existing works. Thanks to the Unforgettable Heroes boxed set, Long Distance Love will reach thousands of readers who have never read one of my books before. I’m hoping Contentment and Paramour will reach new readers as well.

So this boxed set trend is a big thing now. What do you think about them? Good? Bad? Are you indifferent? Have you discovered any new-to-you authors you love?


3 Replies to “Monday Mayhem – Here we go again!”

  1. I’m so happy that your stories are getting a second chance with these boxed sets! Everyone in the world should know Frank from Paramour. I’m a big fan of boxed sets, personally. It feels like Christmas, buying a box of books for a ridiculously low price and gaining countless hours of entertainment. It’s a trend I can definitely get behind as a reader and an author. 🙂

  2. For those of us who might have a little bit of obsession about things being nice and orderly, a boxed set certainly fills that need. Look at the pretty books, all the same size and organized into their own perfect little space! And I agree, the more chances that Jack and Ellie, Frank, and Sean and Tracey have to get out into the hands of more readers, the better!

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