Monday Mayhem – Holy crap! It’s December!

Okay, okay. Yes, I knew it was coming, but…yikes! I really need to get on the ball.

What I’ve been working on: Containment. I added another almost 8k this week. Go me!

What’s running around in the back of my mind: Christmas is coming. I really should do something about….something.

What I’ve accomplished: NaNoWriMo! I passed the 50k mark on Friday, making this my 5th year in a row as a NaNo winner!

What new goal I’m chasing: I’m continuing on with Containment, but December is my month of catch up and plan ahead, so I won’t be setting any lofty word count goals. I have a number of projects on the go at the moment. Going to whittle away at each one.

What I saw: A goal achieved


What’s new with you? Did you know it was December already? Why didn’t you tell me?


8 Replies to “Monday Mayhem – Holy crap! It’s December!”

  1. I will make this Christmas themed.

    What I’ve been working on: Finishing up the last bit of shopping.

    What’s running around in the back of my mind: How the heck am I going to fit 20 people in my dining room come Christmas dinner?

    What I’ve accomplished: NaNoWriMo! Got the Christmas tree up.

    What new goal I’m chasing: Losing some more weigh during the holidays. Am I a glutton for punishment?

    What I saw: My granddaughter staring at the lit Christmas tree with amazement.

  2. I’m surrounded by overachievers. Laurie, I had to laugh because according to your c&p, you accomplished NaNoWriMo. Good for you! 😀

  3. It’s okay. The overachieving stops now. 😀 I didn’t finish NaNo, but I wrote a lot in the month of November and I’m proud of myself regardless. Super proud of you for achieving your goal for the 5th time too! For the rest of this month I will try to keep myself and my students motivated since Christmas holidays are in sight. I’m going to continue to try to write a little each day. I’m going to take advantage of the swimming pool in my condo and be as active as possible in the weeks leading up to the holidays because I know I’ll be eating cookies for breakfast every day for two weeks.

    Hey, did you know it’s December? 😀

  4. I just realized it was December, and had to get my rent check in the mail. Oh well.

    Yeah, I have stuff to organize for the December holidays. One party on the 14th, and another on the 21st, for which I will have to bake 12 dozen cookies. Ugh.

    I’m looking forward to January when the craziness will be over. 😀

  5. My calendar says it’s December, but I don’t want to believe it. My house may still look like Thanksgiving, but my office is ready for Christmas. That sounds backwards, doesn’t it? At least I’m organized at work!

    You should be proud, conquering your fifth November of writing! You should also be proud of “Snapshot,” your short story in the premiere edition of Fictionvale. That story is gorgeously written and has the telltale Margaret Ethridge touch, which means it made me cry. What an ingenious, beautiful story.

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