Monday Mayhem – I beg your indulgence

I know I promised you a big post about my trip to NYC and pics and all the good stuff. I promise I will do a post, but while the conference and trip were great, I received some news Sunday morning that ended my weekend on a very sad note. My beautiful BeBe (Black Betty Ethridge) passed away under the crepe myrtles Sunday night.


She was m furry best pal and most devoted companion. She had expressive brown brows, fuzzy paws, the worst dog breath in the world, and loved nothing more than a good snuzzle. She was the last of our litter of siblings, and at nearly 14, reaped the benefits of two people happy to indulge her every whim.She even had a special tuffet in my office

BeBe (2)

It was so hard to come home and not hear her haroooo.

So, can you give me until Thursday (next open blog day) to get the pics uploaded and give you the lowdown? I just need to…breathe a little.




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  1. *hugs you so hard* I’m so sorry for your loss, Mags. It’ll take some time to get over it, I know. Losing a pet is one of the hardest things to ever have to go through, because they become a part of your family, your daily routine. Thank God you had so many wonderful years with her. Take all the time you need to breathe. Love you tons.

  2. She was lucky to have such loving humans in her life. I always enjoyed the stories you told me about her. She will be missed.

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