Monday Mayhem – I get by with a little help from…

…my friends.

I am blessed with tremendous friends. Old friends, newer friends, work friends, reader friends, and writer friends. Friends that have been with me for years, some I’ve never met, and a few who still seem to like me even when I morph into Extra Bitchy Recipe Mags.


This week, I’ve had opportunity to appreciate all of then above. The fact that my old friends and I sometimes have to schedule a hook-up eighteen months out (next year will be 30 years!) doesn’t seem to put a damper on our enthusiasm.

I get to see some of my Super Cool Party People in just 24 days. And if you think the official countdown isn’t honed to hours, minutes and seconds, you’d be sadly mistaken.

We don’t often think about our work friends, but we really ought to give them more credit. We spend more of our waking hours with them than with our significant others. The best ones are those you keep even after career paths diverge.

I’ve been lucky enough to meet a handful of readers who fell in love with my characters, then blessed me with their friendship as well.

But lately I’ve been relying pretty heavily in my writer friends. The publishing game is a lot like playing round after round of Cards Against Humanity. Sometimes it’s so harsh you have to laugh or you’ll spend all your time crying. Trust me, it’s tough to revise a manuscript when you’re fighting back tears. But my writer friends always seem to know just what I need–whether it’s encouragement, a kick in the ass, or a little pastry and sympathy.

Friends are fabulous, and I am so lucky to count you as one of mine. Thank you. Thank you so much.



4 Replies to “Monday Mayhem – I get by with a little help from…”

  1. Right back atcha, sister. I’m here for you through thick and thin. Extra-bitchy and original recipe. You are the ink to my pen, baby. Can’t wait to see you in Vegas!!

  2. Now I have the theme song from Friends in my head.

    I’ll be there for you. When the rain starts to pour. I’ll be there for you. Like I’ve been there before. I’ll be there for you.Cause you’re there for me too.

  3. As you know, I have VERY broad shoulders, and they are always available for crying upon. And I will tell you as often as needed what an amazing writer you are, and how so many of the characters you’ve created are the ones permanently entrenched in my brain. I’m incredibly grateful that your writing set us on a path where our lives could cross. Here’s the best advice I can give you, courtesy of Galaxy Quest: “Never give up! Never surrender!” And, courtesy of bad reviews, “Gud story. Rite mor.” Hee. I’m here whenever you need me!

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