Monday Mayhem – I Kanban Do It!

A couple weeks ago, I re-purposed my bulletin board into a Kanban organizer. What was once nothing more than a collection of random reminders and goofy pictures is now a model of goal-setting organization…and goofy pictures.

Actual goals and notes redacted for privacy purposes.

What is Kanban?

It’s a method of visual project management. It allows the user to track goals, progress, and monitor success rates all at a glance. They can be set up in any number of ways, but I chose to set weekly, 30 day, 90 day, and yearly goals. By using post it notes, I’m not only committing the goal to writing, I can move them to show progress.

For me, the ‘Do It Now’ section will likely contain those items I’m procrastinating on, or am awaiting input from other parties.

The overarching goal is to get all those little slips of paper (plus any others that come along) to the bottom of the board.

This, of course, is just my latest attempt to put my thoughts in order and achieve something, anything, before the year flies by. We won’t talk about the three paper planners abandoned on my file cabinet…

How about you? Do you have a tried and true planning method? Can I borrow it if it turns out I kant-ban after all?

4 Replies to “Monday Mayhem – I Kanban Do It!”

  1. Kan-kan-kan you do the kanban? 😀 I don’t know that I kan-kan, but I’ll try-try. I definitely need something to hold me more accountable. June is always insanely busy at school, but it’s not like I don’t have time when I get home to do some writing-related tasks. Sigh. Time to clean off my bulletin board…

  2. Why rely on paper and a plan when guilt and fear can keep you up all night? I might have to look into this!
    P.S. Hi Rover!

  3. I’ve toyed with the idea of turning my ribbon board (don’t have a cork one) into a Kanban…but just haven’t done it. I do love my paper planners, though, and have started using Sunday’s as Planning Days (in which I decorate and take a look at the week ahead), which has really helped me stay focused on things that need to get done!

    1. You are my planner inspiration. I still have one I try to keep up with, but I need to let go of the paper planner as the way for me.

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