Monday Mayhem – I need a motivational speaker

It was a fairly unproductive week for me. The day job was crazy busy, so by the time I made it home each night, I didn’t have energy to do much more than mainline season 1 of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS.


I did get some character and story outlines started for LOVE & ROCKETS, so I wasn’t a complete slug. I also suckered the man into riding with me when I drove up to NW Arkansas to hook up with my fabulous agent, Sara Megibow, for a couple hours.


We also managed to sneak in a Steak ‘n Shake stop (I know you are shocked). If you have one nearby, both Bill and I heartily endorse the Nutella milkshake.

This week & weekend, we’ll have a special guest star appearing at the Ethridge Estate…


Julie Doner will be in the house, ladies and gentlemen!

We have a full agenda planned, but I will share some of the highlights:

Peanut Butter pie at Three Sams BBQ at the Mablevale railroad tracks!

A visit to the container store to ooh and ahh over the variety and quantity of bubble wrap!

Stranger Than Fiction on DVD!

Trainwreck at the theater!

Big Bopper sundaes from Shakes!

Writing sessions conducted live and in person!

Exposing the unsuspecting members of the Diamond State Romance Authors to my crazy Canuck!

I can’t wait! It’s been an action-packed summer for me. How about you? Have you been out and about? Are things starting to settle in for you?


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  1. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ I’m sorry, I can’t wipe this giant grin from my face. πŸ˜€ LOL, I can’t freaking wait! I’m already salivating for the pie and the shakes, and I literally shake when I think about all that bubble wrap. Woohooo! Thursday can’t get here fast enough! And one more for good measure: πŸ˜€

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