Monday Mayhem – I saved it for you

Okay, so there was going to be a Facebook party that never happened. I was all set to be entertaining for my allotted hour and now I’m stuck with a bowl full of Halloween candy that apparently isn’t Weight Watchers friendly (who knew?) and a bunch of silly questions. Fodder has gallantly volunteered to eat the candy, therefore I have decided to inflict, uh, I mean share the questions with you.

Want to play along?

1) What Halloween candy do you eat first, and what would you trade?  Me, I’m all about the Reese’s cups, but you can keep your peanut butter kisses. I’m funny that way.

2) What do you think about this pumpkin spice craze: super nice or overripe? Can’t get into it. Believe me, I’ve tried.

3) One time I dressed as Peg Bundy from ‘Married with Children’ for Halloween. Sorry for the pic of a pic, but my scanner isn’t working. So, tell me…what’s the zaniest costume you’ve ever worn? Share pics if you have ‘em!


4) Let’s talk pie…I’m all over the pecan. What’s your favorite? Mine is pecan, but key lime is a close second. Your turn! Go!

5) You’re being haunted – choose your ghost: Rex Harrison or Patrick Swayze? Write in votes accepted.


Ghost Patrick Swayze


6 Replies to “Monday Mayhem – I saved it for you”

  1. Fun! I’ll play.
    1. I’ll take all the peanut M&Ms you want to give me. But ever since I was a kid and my mom passed these out. Every. Damn. Year. I will give away all those peanut butter chewy things in the black or orange wrappers.
    2. I dig pumpkin spice to smell and to be in my Starbucks. I’ll even eat pumpkin spice desserts but not random stuff like pumpkin spice tampons (was that really true or was that a gag?)
    3. Most random thing I have been was I took a cardboard box and made holes for my head and arms, added dots in a proper formation and was a domino.
    4. Well, since I think cheesecake is more a pie than a cake I will go with that. But I like a good apple pie especially if it’s an apple strudel/crunchy stuff on top one.
    5. As for ghosts, I can’t think of one off the top of my head but I’m sure there is one out there. Of the two you listed I’ll go with the sea captain. I’m all about the rugged manly men.

  2. 1. Big-size chocolate bars. The houses that gave those away were the most popular in all of the town. As far as trading….

    Sorry, I trade nothing. All candy is good candy.

    2. I don’t really care one way or another. I like the smell of pumpkin-y things, but after one slice of pumpkin pie I’m good for the rest of the year. The whipped cream quotient is crucial, FYI.

    3. LOVE the Peg Bundy costume! I once dressed up as a lumberjack. I wore Dad’s work boots, his big plaid jacket, and a pair of jeans (my own), and Mom made me up to look like I had three days old scruff. And I wore all this to a high school dance. There’s a reason I wasn’t popular with the men folk back then.

    4. I love a good pecan pie, but my ultimate fave pie is lemon meringue or coconut cream.

    5. Frank! Frank! Frank! Frank! 😀

  3. 1) What Halloween candy do you eat first, and what would you trade? I will eat pretty much anything, except those with coconut (mounds, almond joy). I love PB Cups, and also Milky way, anything with PB or caramel is my favorite.

    2) What do you think about this pumpkin spice craze: super nice or overripe? I think it’s gone a bit crazy. I do like pumpkin pie, but some “pumpkin spice” flavored things taste more like the spices than pumpkin. I don’t like that.

    3) I don’t think I really have a zany costume that I can remember. Well, one year my ex-husband didn’t want to dress up for a costume party, so I bought a cheap white sheet and cut two holes in it and made him go as a ghost.

    4) Let’s talk pie…Oh man, I love pie. Pumpkin, apple (especially made by my Uncle John, he makes the best apple pie in the world, too bad he lives in Ohio), chocolate cream, banana cream, pecan is good. No cherry or coconut cream. I’m sure I’d love key lime, but I don’t think I’ve ever had it. Just the key lime flavored yogurt. I love cold leftover pumpkin pie for breakfast the day after Thanksgiving. So good…

    5) You’re being haunted – choose your ghost: JAMMF. He qualifies as a ghost, since we know his ghost is seen.

  4. 1. I love the Special Dark Chocolate mini candy bars, but if it’s got chocolate or caramel, I’m good with it. Always trade the raisins.

    2. I like Pumpkin spice, but it SO overdone now. Give me a good apple cider anytime.

    3. I can’t remember what I’ve dressed up as. No notable memories at all. And I love costumes and costuming!

    4. Cherry pie is my favorite if it’s made from fresh cherries, not canned. But I really love any kind of pie. I’d rather have a birthday pie than birthday cake.

    5. Haunted by…. Neither one of these really do it for me. I’d prefer the TV Captain to my Mrs. Muir I guess.

  5. 1. Chocolate. Anything chocolate. Add in some coconut or peanut butter, and it’s even better. I get rid of anything sour and fruity, like Starburst or Skittles.

    2. I like pumpkin OK, but it’s sort of reached critical mass. We walked into a Trader Joe’s a few weeks ago and EVERYTHING was pumpkin! On the other hand, I made a gooey pumpkin butter cake and it was really yummy. So…bring it on!

    3. My best costume was a large blue garment bag from a fancy retail store and a mask. We pranked my parents so good that it’s still talked about.

    4. See answer #1. Chocolate is good. But I’m definitely more of a cake person! (Hee!)

    5. Can I have Warren Beatty from Heaven Can Wait? He’s kind of a ghost during most of it, right? If not, I’ll go with the original captain!

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