Monday Mayhem – I spoke too soon

So yeah…spent most of last week sick as a dog. Have accomplished very little. Still, there were some good bits. I returned to work to find my office had been set up:


The weekend came, and so did the chance to spend the day with my two favorite guys.


I am 50% done with the latest in the Outlander series:


And there’s Italian beef in the crock pot for Father’s Day. So, here’s hoping this week is a little better. How about you? What’s on your agenda for the week?

Oh! And…looking for something to read? Be sure to grab the Love Finds A Way boxed set while it’s only $0.99 (thru June 28th)! Four full-length novels for less than a buck! Please tell your friends!



2 Replies to “Monday Mayhem – I spoke too soon”

  1. You are not allowed to be sick anymore this year, got it? 😛 Sounds like you had a great weekend, which will hopefully lead into a fabulous week. This is the last week of the semester at school. Exams and marking and grading and all the delightful fun that comes with that is right around the corner. But then I’m free! Free to play, free to write, and free to date to my heart’s content. 😀 Happy Monday!

  2. Aw, there’s nothing worse than being sick in the summertime. Get well soon, you hear? Go out and sit in the sunshine, that’s what my mother would say! Kudos on the great looking office!
    What am I going to do in the next week? Read “The Last First Date,” I hope! Make pitchers of iced tea and sweat a lot, if the week continues on the way Monday has been. Bug my hubby to start a project. And, you know, do that work-40-hours-a-week thing…sigh.

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