Monday Mayhem – Is this thing on?

So, I’ve been having a good time with the merged blog thing. It’s been interesting to see how many people are just realizing that Margaret is Maggie or Maggie is Margaret. Worlds are colliding!

Thanks to all who have been reading and commenting on the Weekend Writing Warrior posts. It’s so much fun to be able to share snippets of my work each week.

I’m still trying to get Whatcha Reading Wednesday and Fangril Friday going. These posts are more than a chance for us to interact. They give me insight as a writer as to what is attracting audience attention. So let me know what you’re reading, not only because it helps me gauge the market, but because I am a book junkie and I’m always looking for a fix.

I started Fangirl Friday for the same reason. I want to know who you are crushing on, what attracts you to those characters, what do you wish they would do/say/etc.

As I mentioned before, social media platforms are starting to make it more difficult for authors to interact with their readers. We don’t have that restriction here. Tell me what you think. What would you like to see here?  I’ve been offering backlist books to commenters on Wednesdays. Please tell your friends to stop by and comment for a chance to win. Trust me, Evelyn Jules has already read them all.

So, speak up. I want to hear from you. Is this thing on?





2 Replies to “Monday Mayhem – Is this thing on?”

  1. 😀 That doesn’t mean she wouldn’t happily read each and every one all over again. Kudos on the Seinfeld reference, btw. Happy Monday, Margaret-Maggie!

  2. It’s on! I’m here! I’m reading! I love it when worlds collide! I especially love it when my fictional worlds collide, and thanks to the awesomeness of this Netflix thing, I had a beautiful example of that last week. We’re watching the West Wing from the beginning. Mrs. Landingham is played by the same actress who played Maisie on Gilmore Girls. The WW did a flashback episode to a young Mrs. Landingham, who was played by the same actress who played Chief Vick on Psych. Dule Hill, who plays Charlie on the West Wing, was Gus on Psych. See? All interconnected! Yeah, I’m rambling, but it’s a snow day for me and I’ve got the time. Anyway, my dear Maggie/Margaret, keep writing new stories and I’ll keep on reading them! See you Wednesday when I promise to ramble on about what I’m currently reading.

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