Monday Mayhem – It’s not all popsicle sticks and mosquito bites

Tomorrow is July 1, and I will be heading off to camp. Camp NaNoWriMo, that is.


Unlike the 50k in 3o days required in the November NaNo challenge, this one allows the participants to set their own goal for the month. Just a way to kickstart some creativity. You also get to set up a cabin with your fellow writers. This month, I’ll be sharing Cabin Awesome with Evelyn Jules, Lisa Fox, Emily Cale, Katie Kenyhercz, Sara Brooks and whoever else we can lure in with the promise of s’mores.

Wish us luck!

As for last week’s Sinatra song giveaway, the only person to guess the correct song was Jewels. She also had an edge, as she’d already read through the synopsis I’d written while plotting Something Stupid. But because you were all such good sports, I’d be happy to give you or a friend a digital copy of one of my books. If you commented last week, email me at and let me know which book, file format, and the email address where you want it sent. 🙂

Happy Monday, everyone! Oh, and happy anniversary to my own hero. Thirteen years later, I still think he’s dreamy.





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  1. I am such a cheater. lol. I actually thought you might have been inspired by another Sinatra song too, which is why I guessed twice. Can’t wait to go camping with you! Have a wonderful day and enjoy your anniversary!! Congratulations to you and your dreamy dude! 🙂

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