Monday Mayhem – I’ve got nothing…

…but love for Nathan Fillion!

No new Castle tonight, but this made me giggle like a geek girl.
Enjoy and happy Monday!


4 Replies to “Monday Mayhem – I’ve got nothing…”

  1. OMG, the inner geek in me is having a field day. 😀 Hilarious. Also, it was really hot when Nathan took off his belt.

  2. How did I forget that yesterday was Monday? So I’m a day late here but laughing like a fool. Almost makes up for no new Castle this week!

  3. Who looked to see if Nathan pulled condoms out of his pocket? *raises hand* I know that Tim Daly is my age but it still shocked me to see him with such a grown up son. Very funny indeed. ‘Flying’ on the bed was the best thing ever.

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