Monday Mayhem – Jet plane edition

I’m off to Dallas on business today. Just a quick trip there and back in one day. I’ll be traveling more for my day job in the coming months, so I’m trying to adjust to the idea. People may not know this about me, but I’m actually a bit of a hermit. I like being home. I love my bed. I spend hours of quality time in my chair each night. I’m also a little fond of that guy who lives here with me.

It’s not that I hate travel. I used to love it. I still would if airline travel wasn’t such a ginormous pain anymore. I’m just too restless to deal with the hurry-up-and-wait aspect of it all. That, and I find that as security measures tighten, people tend to play fast and loose with the old manners.

My problem is, I’m not one who enjoys the journey. As I’ve mentioned before, I am terribly goal oriented. I want to be where I’m going and then when I’m done there, I want to be home right away. Oh, and I don’t have a whole lot of patience with flight times over 3 hours, either. Being a mid-westerner, that means I’m screwed if I want to go beyond U.S. borders.

I know that short of developing Genie skills or the sudden availability of transporters, I am going to have to learn to suck it up and learn to kill some time. It isn’t that I don’t have toys to play with. Tomorrow, I will be hauling a laptop, a Kindle Fire, and an iPod Touch with me. And I will still be tapping my foot and checking the clock.

How about you? Do you like to fly the barely civil skies? How far would you stray? What’s your favorite part of being away? The best bit about coming home?


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  1. Hermits for life! *high fives*

    I don’t really like the whole flying thing either. The last couple trips I’ve been on I at least had my laptop with me, but usually I only have the clothes on my back and maybe a book stuffed in my purse to keep me entertained while I wait for the plane to be gassed up and de-iced (’cause you know that’s always a part of the process in Canada, no matter the season). That was a really long sentence.

    Anyway, I don’t really stray too far from home. The farthest I’ve been is Mexico. One of the things I love about being away is staying in hotels. That may sound strange, but I get a little thrill out of leaving my wet towels on the bathroom floor, walking away from an unmade bed, and stuffing my suitcase with hotel-brand soaps, lotions, and shampoos. The other thing I love about travelling is the people I see when I get to where I’m going, you included. 🙂

    The best part about coming home is getting to reunite with my favourite couch, a toilet that I know exactly when it was last cleaned, and wearing my comfy, cozy clothes with holes and rips. Oh, and getting to eat my special PB. 😀

    Have a safe trip!!

  2. I don’t mind traveling. The farthest I’ve flown is Hawaii to the west and New York to the east. So far, knock on wood, I haven’t had any issues with security and it goes relatively fast. Worst things that have happened is luggage got ‘lost’ (twice). Fortunately it was found by the evening. Now I always pack only carry-on. Oh, and having my flight cancelled when I was heading to SC. Now that was bad. 🙁
    Lately the only flying I’ve done is either Vegas (fun) or seeing you guys (double fun and the highlight of my year)

    I like to go because it is always for fun and I’m heading to see places and people. But, I do always say I need a vacation from the vacation.

  3. I don’t mind travelling at all. When it comes to airline travel, I actually like to do it alone. I use the quiet time for reading time and nobody needs me for anything. I can just shut out everyone else, not entertain anyone and nobody (namely kids) want anything from me. Just me and my book(s).

    I don’t like to have anyone sit beside me on a plane though. This is the one pain and the butt I don’t like about travel. The seats are already cramped enough and I don’t like a stranger in my space.
    I’m going business class to Scotland. I need my space.

  4. I HATE flying! That kind of sucks, living on an island that’s kinda a long way from anywhere, lol. I once took a 16 hour bus ride just to avoid a 2 hour flight on a small plane. I also can’t sleep on planes, so I require constant entertainment – thank goodness for the planes with the tv screens in the back of the seats

  5. I like seeing new places and getting to meet people, but I don’t like the actual travel part. Flying doesn’t bother me per se, but, like you, it’s the hurry up and wait bit that gets to me. I get so bored on flights. Anything more than about 3 hours is my limit. Flying to California is a breeze, but when I have to come east for the M&G or whatever, I get annoyed. It just makes for a long day. Too bad my flights to and from Europe will be 10+ hours!

    I wish we could apparate like in Harry Potter. That would be so much cheaper. You could sleep in your own bed every night and no airplane costs. 🙂

    Make sure you get a airline mileage plan and rack up some points!

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